One of our master theses in the news

In their master thesis, TEW-graduates Sarah Van Eester en Lore Vanpaeschen investigated sponsor-disclosure in YouTube-vlogs. As primary outcome, they state that YouTube-vloggers mentioning sponsorship at the beginning of their vlogs are regarded as more competent and authentic. A sponsor-disclosure at the end of the film can make the viewer feel betrayed. You can read the article here (in Dutch).

Nathalie Dens in KMOinsider magazine

Our chair Nathalie Dens was interviewed for KMOinsider magazine (June 2019). In the article, she offers an insight into the world of online marketing with, amongst others, tips and good practices. You can read the article here (in Dutch).






Winner Best Paper Award at ISPIM Florence

Bram Roosens' paper "How Innovation Partners should Communicate about Joint Innovation Efforts" has won the Best Paper Award at the ISPIM Florence Conference (16-19 June 2019, Italy).

This piece of research was presented on June 18, in the session 6.5 'Open Innovation 6: Intermediaries'. The conference's main topic was to 'celebrate innovation', with the commemoration of 500 years since Da Vinci was born. The conference program can be checked here.

IJA Best Paper Award

Nathalie Dens and Patrick De Pelsmacker won the International Journal of Advertising Best Paper Award for the paper "How consumers' values influence responses to male and female gender role stereotyping in advertising" (De Meulenaer Sarah, Dens Nathalie, De Pelsmacker, Patrick en Eisend, Martin).
The paper was published in the International Journal of Advertising, volume 37 (6), pp. 893-913.

You can read the paper here.


Best Student Paper Award at ICORIA

At the ICORIA conference (June 27-29 2019, Krems, Austria), Freya De Keyzer won the Best Student Award for the paper "Which Personalization Elements Cause Consumers to Perceive Ads on Facebook as more Personalized? A Conjoint Analysis." Freya De Keyzer, Nathalie Dens and Patrick De Pelsmacker.

Research stays of two doctoral students

Collaboration with Spiegel Research Center at Northwestern University

Ana Isabel Lopes (PhD researcher) visited Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) from April 8th to May 4th 2019, starting a collaboration project with the Spiegel Research Center at Medill School, Northwestern University. Together with Prof. Edward Malthouse, Ana Isabel Lopes, Prof. Patrick De Pelsmacker and Prof. Nathalie Dens, they have been working on a project related to big data and the study of the effect of online reviews in the hospitality industry. This collaboration with Northwestern University will continue in the coming months by developing research that may result in scientific papers.

Research visit to the University of Chile

Cristian Buzeta (PhD researcher) visited the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Chile from April 4th to April 21th 2019, on a research visit organised by the Graduate School and Business Management department of that university. The main goal of the visit was to collaborate with Prof. Rodrigo Uribe on a project related to marketing on social media platforms and influencers. Also, Cristian presented his current research topics as part of the Digital Marketing research seminars of the mentioned department.

Paper selected as a finalist for the MRS Silver Medal

The paper How consumers’ media usage creates synergy in advertising campaigns was selected as a finalist for the MRS Silver Medal, awarded annually for the best paper published in the preceding year’s International Journal of Market Research. This piece of research was included in the short list of best papers from the volume 60 of this prestigious academic journal.

This work was authored by Nathalie Dens, Patrick De Pelsmacker, Peter Goos, Leonids Aleksandrovs and David Martens.

You can see a list of the other finalists here.

6th edition of the Belgian Service Research Day

Prof. Annouk Lievens organised the sixth version of Belgian Service Research Day (BSRD2019), held by Marketing Department of the University of Antwerp during the past 26th April 2019.

Several students and researchers gathered in the city of Antwerp and attended to the nine presentations on topics related to service marketing research.

  • Thijs Zwienenberg (KULeuven) - To solicit or not? Exploring the effects of soliciting reviews in the collaborative economy on review content and style.
  • Laurens De Gauquier (VUB) - Working with Robots: a Curse or a Blessing? Integrating the Job Demand-Resources model to understand frontline employees’ attitudes toward robots.
  • Stephanie van de Sanden (VUB) - How customer attributions affect technology-mediated service adoption: the case of self-service technology in a DIY store.
  • Annelies Costers (KULeuven) - There’s no such thing like a free lunch: A qualitative approach towards the effects of Pay-What-You-Want pricing systems on frontline employees.
  • Daria Novikova (UHasselt) - Understanding Customer learning in Service: Process and Antecedents.
  • Alain Decrop (UNamur) -  Choice overload in services: The role of decision strategies.
  • Jérôme Mallargé (UNamur) - Service failures in the sharing economy: Consumer tolerance towards collaborative service quality.
  • Bram Roosens (UAntwerp) - How stakeholders’ expectations shape the dynamics in innovation networks.
  • Cécile Delcourt (Management School of the University of Liege) - Service research: A literature review and research agenda.

AAA awards Prof. Patrick De Pelsmacker

The American Academy of Advertising (AAA) yearly awards the Ivan L. Preston Outstanding Contribution to Research Award. This award honors those who have made a lasting and systematic contribution to academic research in advertising.

At its 2019 Conference (March 28-31, Dallas, USA), the AAA presented the award to Patrick De Pelsmacker, professor of marketing at the University of Antwerp.

Professor De Pelsmacker is the first academic in Europe to receive this prestigious award and is thus part of a group of leading academics, "Be brave. Do what you want. And do things that make sense and impact", Patrick De Pelsmacker told the international audience of academics and marketers present at the event.