In the sensoric functioning lab, we are able to perform experimental pain measurements. Through different Quantitative Sensory Tests, the peripheral and central pain processing and modulation can be characterized to be able to identify underlying pain mechanisms (nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain or nociplastic pain) in different (patient) populations. The lab is located at the M²SENS (MisMatch Sensory Lab, building T, campus CDE, UAntwerp) and consists of a Q-sense CPM to measure endogenous pain inhibition, a cold pressor bad and thermorollers to measure cold and heat hyperalgesia, a TSA2 as golden standard to measure the objective response to induced pain, and different clinical tools to evaluate hypo-or hyperesthesia, mechanic hyperalgesia, and temporal summation (e.g. pressure algometers, thermorollers and monofilaments). A number of specific instruments are present (NeckCare® measuring unit for measuring cervical sensorimotor control in patients with dizziness, an MRI-compatible micro piezo-electric stimulator device to generate vibrations, as well as wireless VR devices to customize patient assessment and treatment).