In the movement analysis lab, the movement pattern of different (patient) populations can be characterized. A combination of kinematic data with force measurements and muscle activation patterns provides a complete image of the progress and control of movement. A large part of our lab infrastructure is located at the M2OCEAN (Multidisciplinary Motor Centre Antwerp, UZA route 41,

The infrastructure consists of an automated camera system consisting of 8 infrared cameras, a wireless EMG system (16 channels), 4 force plates, an instrumented treadmill, and the software for the processing of the data of the movement analysis (Vicon Nexus). In order to be able to perform movement analysis in difficult to reach (patient) populations, the lab also has equipment to perform movement analysis at location: X-sense Motion Capture, Wii balance board, Optojump, a portable EMG system, a portable ultrasound, GaitUp, Optogait. We also have specialized apparatus to measure movement of the extremities (Fastrack) and to perform power measurements (electronic MicroFET 2 handheld dynamometer).