November 2023: Day of Science

During the Day of Science at the Antwerp Zoo (Dag van de Wetenschap), our researchers of the imec-Vision Lab, Bio-Imaging Lab and Experimental Neurology Group showcased their research topics. Through live-demos and fun games, we introduced people of all ages to the topics of medical imaging techniques and detection of brain disorders. 

Thank you to the teams for sharing their enthusiasm for science!

May 2023: NEUROday 2023

In May, we organised the first edition of NEUROday, a collaboration between the µNEURO Research Centre of Excellence, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, MOVANT and the VIB-Center for Molecular Neurology. On this first edition, we welcomed more than 100 neuroscientists of the University of Antwerp, across faculties and research groups.

It was an inspiring research day filled with a broad array of neuroscience topics, presented in the form of interesting keynote talks, excellent NEUROpitches, and an interactive poster session. The event offered a comprehensive overview of the neuroscience research at our university, providing new ideas for interdisciplinary collaborations and enhancing our science communication skills.

Check out the pictures and programme

of NEUROday 2023

May 2023: Proefkot workshop

In the framework of Proefkot (STEM academy of the University of Antwerp), researchers from the Bio-Imaging Lab and the imec-Vision Lab jointly organised a workshop for kids about medical imaging, entitled "Binnenstebuiten: een kijkje in je lichaam met stralen, golven en magneten". We welcomed an enthusiastic group of young future scientists to the MICA-BIL core facility and DynXLab

March 2023: Brain Awareness Week

Every year, our µNEURO Research Centre of Excellence participates in the Brain Awareness Week, the global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science. 

Between 13-19 March 2023, we put a spotlight on the work of our µNEURO researchers and introduced the world to our research and our life as researchers.

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