Varnika finished her Masters in Sustainable Development from KU Leuven in 2021. Following that, she worked in EUCC-D, Rostock, Germany, in coastal management and marine governance. She worked on two Interreg Europe funded projects: CHERISH and Seaplanspace. Following that, Varnika was working in Brussels at the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative, a non-profit in the field of digital sustainability.

From September 2023 onwards, Varnika will be working in the HORIZON2020 project CLIMATEFIT, which aims to develop new financial and investment schemes for climate adaptation projects and planning. The focus of the research will be studying adaptation case studies with alternative funding/finance schemes and assist public authorities in developing pilot projects in Europe.

Favorite (place in the) city

New Delhi: If there was ever a wonderland for beautiful architecture and delicious food where you could imagine yourself, it would be New Delhi. There is something in the air that brings your soul to life. The city is loud and crowded, but also quiet and rustic at the same time.