Thomas Machiels holds a master’s degree in history (2016) and urban design and planning (2018) from the University of Antwerp. He spent one semester at City University of Hong Kong, where he wrote his master thesis on smart card use in public transportation.

Thomas started his PhD in October 2018 (FWO SBO fellowship). The objective of his PhD is to use real option theory to develop an adaptive planning framework to cope with uncertainties in megaprojects. He worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Michigan (Oct 2021-Mar 2022) where he researched the integrated use of scenario planning and real option theory for adaptive planning.

Thomas is also a member of the GECORO in Hasselt since September 2020 (municipal commission for spatial planning).

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Favorite (place in the) city

Hong Kong.
A two-faced city, where east meets west, where space is scarce and every square inch counts, where life never stops. From the everlasting crowd between the uncountable skyscrapers ‘till the complete silence of the beautiful nature surrounding the city, after every corner a new discovery. More than ever a scene of tensions between its promised autonomy and China’s tightening grip.