Intelligence in Processes, Advanced Catalysts and Solvents - iPRACS

iPRACS aspires to change the way innovations in circular and sustainable processes are done, by integrating early stage (ex-ante) sustainability assessment with strategic experimental and in silico research.

This has the advantage of increased degrees of freedom for process design optimization, regarding both sustainability and feasibility, increasing the efficacy of research efforts. Such integration at TRL as low as 2-4 requires continuous feedback with (preferably in-house) technological process research and design itself, therefore iPRACS offers a holistic approach by combining (physico-)chemistry and engineering expertise with intra- and extra-muros collaborations.

The technological expertise of iPRACS is focused on the application of advanced catalysts and solvents, for predominantly organic materials synthesis and recovery processes. The group actively uses state-of-the-art life cycle assessment (LCA) and techno-economic analysis (TEA), and progresses this scientific domain by methodological studies on uncertainty effects of early stage predictions and further LCA/TEA integration.

The research domains are listed here after:

  • Sustainability assessment
  • ​Circular polymeric materials (chemical recycling)​
  • Catalyst heterogenization (MOFs)
  • Tailored monomers
  • Designer solvents (NADES)