Laboratory of Adsorption and Catalysis - LADCA

Expertise of LADCA is situated in synthesis, modification and characterization of inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic materials, with a focus on following topics:

  • Synthesis, characterization and surface modification of various materials, such as micro- and mesoporous silica, metaloxide materials, hybrid periodic mesoporous organosilica’s (PMOs, in collaboration with ORSY).
  • Pore size, morphology, properties control and structure-activity correlation of porous structures for application in sorption, separation and (photo)catalysis by controlled synthesis via in-situ and/or post-synthetic techniques.
  • Ceramic and hybrid (surface-functionalized ceramic) membranes: synthesis, modification, characterization and structure-activity correlation (collaboration with VITO and ORSY)
  • Conversion of CO2 into organic chemicals, energy carriers and inorganic materials in collaboration with PLASMANT