Welcome to the website of the Department of Ophthalmology, Visual Optics and Visual Rehabilitation. The research group Ophthalmology is lead by prof. dr. Carina Koppen, and it includes the two research groups Argos and Volantis.

Argos - Antwerp Research Group for Ocular Science

The research group Argos is lead by dr. Bert Van den Bogerd. Its focus lies on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine of the anterior eye segment or cornea, and on eye cell culture and transplantation. Also see the Argos webpage.

Volantis - Visual Optics Lab Antwerp

The research group Volantis is lead by dr. Jos Rozema. Its research focuses on Keratoconus detection (=irregularly deformed cornea), on straylight and how it affects driving ability, and on biometric modeling of the eye. For more information, see the Volantis website at: https://www.volantis.cc/ (link opens in a new window).

Case studies - Clinical trials

The rest of the research of Ophthalmology mainly focuses on case-studies and clinical trials.

The research group also has a wet lab for surgical training of assistant doctors at Campus Drie Eiken, Building T, 4th floor.


ManaMa Ophthalmology - Opththalmologia

See the ManaMa program: http://www.ophthalmologia.be/page.php?edi_id=762 (link opens in new window)