Container lashers are responsible for fastening and unfastening containers on board of ships. As it is a physically demanding job, the work can cause a lot of strain on the body of the workers. CEPA, in need of solutions for avoiding this strain, reached out the University of Antwerp. With joint efforts of physiotherapists and the product development department of UAntwerp, and with the help of the container lashers and dockworkers, two solutions were created.

Improving the life of the container lashers as we speak.

The medical ergonomics team of the University of Antwerp thoroughly examined the actions of the container lashers to determine which postures could cause strain on the body. Two solutions were created to prevent this excessive strain. A new lashing tool was created as a mean to ergonomically fasten and unfasten containers, and a training course on ergonomic ways of working will be given by expert physiotherapists. By using this new tool, physical strain will be limited and the lashers can make rotating movements more easily. The prototype has been finalized and is being rolled out gradually as we speak. Thanks to this cocreation with workers, academia and physiotherapists, the container lashers will experience a huge improvement in practising their craft.

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