Architectural design 1:1

Bachelor part 3

"Design in the making. The culture of making is very characteristic of this course, and this studio is essential to it.”

- Mario Rinke, design supervisor

When does a design become reality? In this studio you will learn how to design in a constructive way. Together with the teachers and fellow students you reflect on your design by building it in full size.

Architectural design 1:1 builds on the subject matter and skills from the “Construction and building knots” studios. The ambition here is to link design research to a broader understanding of construction. The focus is on the connection between design, material and construction. And that in one scale; reality. The making forms the design. By building you learn to refine your design during the building process and to convert building information into materiality.

In this studio you learn what it's like to be a master builder, someone who is involved in all phases of the building process. You build one object in one particular material; concrete, wood, steel... You look for the limits of what you can build with it and how. You investigate how the material can be used in terms of durability and lifespan, with special attention to reuse. The end goal is a discourse analysis of the material and a real application in the form of a utilitarian object.