Master studio Urbanity

Master part 1

"In this studio you'll learn to think like a non-architect."

- Erik Wieers, design supervisor

How are you building in the city nowadays? This master studio embroiders on the bachelor's module Architecture & Environment, but with a clear increase in scale. The focus is on the integral approach to architecture in the city.

You start working on projects at the city level, making the link between architecture and other disciplines very tangible. An architect not only builds for a client, but also for the community. You learn what the social relevance of architecture is and how architecture determines the image quality of a city.

Current themes guide the design exercises. What is collective use of space? What is public space? How do we live together in a city and how can we organise this best? The relationship between private and public is central in combination with sustainable solutions for the city. The assignments are related to existing projects and take shape in consultation with the city services (Design Research Unit, Urban Development Unit and the Antwerp City Architect). This exchange of knowledge between the university and the city will give you a good insight into real practice. In the design brief, you take account of the social, spatial and technical preconditions. From a critical vision of the assignment, you develop your own project definition, a methodology and a frame of reference. From there you arrive at spatial concepts that you translate into an architectural design. You present the design to a jury and to the group.