Measurement procedure for personalizing 3D audio experiences

The University of Antwerp has developed a low-cost, high-quality measurement procedure for personalizing 3D audio experiences.

We are looking for:

  • investors to further develop the current prototype into a commercial product,
  • content providers that wish to exploit the full potential of their 3D audio content,
  • technology providers looking for a 3D audio personalization method for shipment with their virtual reality products/services.


3D audio through headphones is the next step in new media technologies. After widespread adoption of 3D vision in games, virtual, augmented and mixed reality, 3D audio is key to a truly immersive experience.

Generating immersive 3D audio is difficult, because we all hear the world differently due to the unique shape of our ears and head. Personalization of the Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF), detailing this effect of the head and ears on sound, is the key.

However, current personalization technologies are either only approximate or expensive and not-easily accessible due to the need of specialised recording infrastructure.


The Earfish-technology is the first low-cost, high-quality measurement method that allows 3D audio personalization in a standard living room. 3D audio can hence become mainstream.

This will help:

  • Virtual Reality content creators and directors to steer the user’s attention in an intuitive and natural way,
  • game developers to increase the realism of the in-game experience,
  • teleconferencing providers to increase both quality and comfort of a call,
  • media companies to provide immersive 3D audio experiences on mobile devices both at home and on the go, without the need for an expensive surround sound (home) theatre,
  • open up new possibilities for live performances.

About the researchers

The Active Perception Lab (APL) within the Engineering Management Department of the University of Antwerp has extensive experience on sound-localisation research, initially mostly on the echolocation system of bats, later also on humans. Their main interest lies in determining the relationship between spatial information and sound cues.

IP Position

A patent is pending for the Earfish technology.

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