Novel carotenoid-producing lactic acid bacteria with biocontrol activity on plants

Novel device for scotopic electroretinography (ERG)

Gezonde siervissen door milieuvriendelijk voer op basis van paarse bacteriën

Screen4PN: an iPSC Testing platform for efficient evaluation of compounds for Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) neuropathies

A novel combination immunotherapy for solid tumours

Cellulase-degrading Lactic Acid Bacteria

High-Throughput assay for TMPRSS2 inhibitor screening, based on human extracellular vesicles containing active and stable TMPRSS2 (EVZYM)

A mucin mRNA isoform-based biomarker approach to advance precision medicine in diseases characterized by mucosal barrier dysfunction

CELOX membrane fixation system

iCAREdata – an extensive research database on out-of-hours primary care in Belgium

Neuregulin-1 as target to develop novel therapies for the treatment of fibrotic disorders and nephropathy

Personalized monitoring of immunosequencing profiles to advance precision medicine

Biomarkers to support the diagnosis and treatment of human neuropathies

Transformed response potentiometric titrations

Improved RSV vaccines based on glycan modification of the viral fusion protein

Novel probiotic Lactobacillus strains for human therapeutic use and personal hygiene

Mouse model for mutant small heat shock protein mimicking human neuropathy and myopathy

Highly selective and high-affinity autophagy inhibitors for development in oncology

New lead compounds for dry eye disease and validated dry eye rat model

Highly selective, orally bioavailable inhibitors of fibroblast activation protein (FAP) with development potential in fibrosis, oncology and pathologic tissue remodeling

Serine protease inhibitors to treat visceral pain

Smart lab monitoring, powered by artificial intelligence

Validated gastrointestinal model of visceral pain for preclinical drug testing

Safe, effective and oral treatment against parasitic infections