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Getting out the most of the combination of working and learning : the case of teachers-in-training in Flanders
Gijbels David   Kyndt Eva   Peeters Lore   Schelfhout Wouter  
European journal of psychology of education - ISSN 0256-2928-32:2 (2017) p. 183-199
Shedding light on the dark side : associations between the dark triad and the DSM-5 maladaptive trait model
Grigoras Mihaela   Wille Bart  
Personality and individual differences - ISSN 0191-8869-104 (2017) p. 516-521
Careers, career development and career management
Wiernik B.M.   Wille Bart  
Handbook of industrial, work and organizational psychology: V3: managerial psychology and organizational approaches / Ones, Deniz S.; Anderson, Neil; Sinangil, Handan Kepir; Viswesvaran, Chockalingam-p. 1-100
Exploration and sociability in a highly gregarious bird are repeatable across seasons and in the long term but are unrelated
Thys Bert   Eens Marcel   Aerts Silke   Delory Amandine   Iserbyt Arne   Pinxten Rianne  
Animal behaviour - ISSN 0003-3472-123 (2017) p. 339-348
Towards data for development : a model on learning communities as a platform for growing data use
Schelfhout Wouter  
Data analytics applications in education / Vanthienen, Jan [edit.]; et al.-p. 1-28

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