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I am currently chair of the Media, Policy and Culture research group, vice chair of the Department of Communication Studies, and co-chair of A*, the Antwerp Gender and Sexuality Studies Network.

My field of expertise is media culture and television studies. I teach courses on research methods, popular culture, audiovisual media, and film and television genres.

My research focuses on two interrelated fields. The first concerns television studies, in particular the study of popular television and TV drama, focusing on its production, representations and reception. The second concerns media, minorities and identities, based mostly on qualitative textual and audience research into the role of media in the construction of identities (national, cultural, ethnic, sexual, intersectional). 

I am interested in collaborative research and PhD supervision on the above fields. 
I was the (co-)supervisor for PhD dissertations on contemporary TV viewing (Nele Simons), queer online representations (Lukasz Szulc), whiteness in Flemish and South-African soaps (Hannelie Marx), Turkish police drama (Aysegul Kesirli), double bass player Jimmie Blanton (Matthias Heyman), Mexican chick flicks (Amparo Vazquez), the role of music in queer identities (Marion Wasserbauer) and autism communities onlines (Débora Antunes). Currently, I (co-)supervise dissertations on the use of social media in academic libraries (Marion Williams), the production of current affairs (Marleen te Walvaart), pan-Arab TV drama (Fadi Haddad), Belgian fashion and masculinity (Nicola Brajato) and the role of public television in citizenship (Anouk De Ridder). 

I am a member of ICA, ECREA and IAMCR, and I am on the editorial board of European Journal of Cultural Studies, Catalan Journal of Communication and Cultural Studies, NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies, Critical Studies in Television, Series: International Journal of TV Serial Narratives, and Cinéma & Cie, International Film Studies Journal.

Finally, with Marion Wasserbauer, I organise regular meetings of the LGBTQ Forum, a group of academics and civil society representatives working on issues of gender and sexuality. 





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