Publicaties in de kijker

NGO impact on law-making : the case of a complaints procedure under the ICESCR and the CRC
Erdem Türkelli Gamze   Vandenhole Wouter   Vandenbogaerde Arne  
Journal of human rights practice - ISSN 1757-9619-1 (2013) p. 1-45
Reconceptualizing human rights duty-bearers
Vandenhole Wouter   Erdem Türkelli Gamze   Hammonds R.  
The SAGE handbook of human rights / Mihr, A. [edit.]; e.a.-p. 1031-1046
Putting an end to victims without borders : child pornography (Committee on the Rights of the Child)
Erdem Türkelli Gamze  
Litigating transnational human rights obligations : alternative judgements-p. 63-78
The Convention on the Rights of the Child : repertoires of NGO participation
Erdem Türkelli Gamze   Vandenhole Wouter  
Human rights law review - ISSN 1461-7781-12:1 (2012) p. 33-64

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