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Publicaties in de kijker

Vekemans Bart, Janssens Koen, Vincze Laszlo, Adams Freddy, van Espen Pierre. Analysis of X-ray spectra by iterative least squares (AXIL): new developments
X-ray spectrometry-issn 0049-8246-23(1994),p. 278-285
Janssens Koen, van Grieken René. Non-destructive micoranalysis of cultural heritage materials
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Janssens Koen, Vittiglio G., Deraedt I., Aerts A., Vekemans Bart, Vincze Laszlo, Wei F., de Ryck I., Schalm Olivier, Adams Freddy, Rindby A., Knöchel A., Simionovici Alexandre S., Snigirev A.. Use of microscopic XRF for non-destructive analysis in art an archaeometry
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Brenker Frank E., Vollmer Christian, Vincze Laszlo, Vekemans Bart, Szymanski Anja, Janssens Koen, Szaloki Imre, Nasdala Lutz, Joswig Werner, Kaminsky Felix. Carbonates from the lower part of transition zone or even the lower mantle
Earth and planetary science letters-issn 0012-821X-260(2007),p. 1-9
Alfeld Matthias, Janssens Koen, Dik Joris, de Nolf Wout, van der Snickt Geert. Optimization of mobile scanning macro-XRF systems for the in situ investigation of historical paintings
Journal of analytical atomic spectrometry-issn 0267-9477-26(2011),p. 899-909
Basile Francesco, Benito Patricia, Bugani Simone, de Nolf Wout, Fornasari Giuseppe, Janssens Koen, Morselli Luciano, Scavetta Erika, Tonelli Domenica, Vaccari Angelo. Combined use of synchrotron-radiation-based imaging techniques for the characterization of structured catalysts
Advanced functional materials-issn 1616-301X-20(2010),p. 4117-4126
Cagno Simone, Mendera M., Jeffries T., Janssens Koen. Raw materials for medieval to post-medieval Tuscan glassmaking : new insight from LA-ICP-MS analyses
Journal of archaeological science-issn 0305-4403-37(2010),p. 3030-3036
Bull Duncan, Krekeler Anna, Alfeld Matthias, Dik Joris, Janssens Koen. An intrusive portrait by Goya
The Burlington magazine-issn 0007-6287-153(2011),p. 668-673
Tan Haiyan, Tian He, Verbeeck Johan, Janssens Koen, van Tendeloo Gustaaf. Nanoscale investigation of the degradation mechanism of a historical chrome yellow paint by quantitative electron energy loss spectroscopy mapping of chromium species
Angewandte Chemie: international edition in English-issn 0570-0833-52(2013),p. 11360-11363
Janssens Koen, Alfeld Matthias, van der Snickt Geert, de Nolf Wout, Vanmeert Frederik, Radepont Marie, Monico Letizia, et al. . The use of synchrotron radiation for the characterization of artists' pigments and paintings
Annual review of analytical chemistry-issn 1936-1327-6(2013),p. 399-425
Dik Joris, Janssens Koen, van der Snickt Geert, van der Loeff Luuk, Rickers Karen, Cotte Marine. Visualization of a lost painting by Vincent van Gogh using synchrotron radiation based X-ray fluorescence elemental mapping
Analytical chemistry-issn 0003-2700-80(2008),p. 6436-6442
Cotte Marine, Susini Jean, Dik Joris, Janssens Koen. Synchrotron-based X-ray absorption spectroscopy for art conservation: looking back and looking forward
Accounts of chemical research-issn 0001-4842-43(2010),p. 705-714
Janssens Koen, Dik Joris, Cotte Marine, Susini Jean. Photon-based techniques for nondestructive subsurface analysis of painted cultural heritage artifacts
Accounts of chemical research-issn 0001-4842-43(2010),p. 814-825
Salbu B., Krekling T., Lind O.C., Oughton D.H., Drakopoulos M., Simionovici Alexandre S., Snigireva I., Snigirev A., Weitkamp T., Adams Freddy, Janssens Koen, Kashparov V.A.. High energy X-ray microscopy for characterisation of fuel particles
Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research : A : accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment-issn 0168-9002-467(2001),p. 1249-1252
van der Snickt Geert, Dik Joris, Cotte Marine, Janssens Koen, Jaroszewicz Jakub, de Nolf Wout, Groenewegen Jasper, van der Loeff Luuk. Characterization of a degraded cadmium yellow (CdS) pigment in an oil painting by means of synchrotron radiation based X-ray techniques
Analytical chemistry-issn 0003-2700-81(2009),p. 2600-2610
Flynn George J., Janssens Koen, Vekemans Bart, [et al.] . Elemental compositions of comet 81P/Wild 2 samples collected by Stardust
Science-issn 1095-9203-314(2006),p. 1731-1735
Monico Letizia, van der Snickt Geert, Janssens Koen, de Nolf Wout, Miliani Costanza, Verbeeck Johan, Tian He, Tan Haiyan, Dik Joris, Radepont Marie, Cotte Marine. Degradation process of lead chromate in paintings by Vincent van Gogh studied by means of synchrotron X-ray spectromicroscopy and related methods : 1 : artificially aged model samples
Analytical chemistry-issn 0003-2700-83(2011),p. 1214-1223
Janssens Koen, Adams Freddy, Rindby Anders. Microscopic X-ray fluorescence analysis
isbn 0-471-97426-9-Chichester, Wiley(2000),
Janssens Koen, de Nolf Wout, van der Snickt Geert, Vincze Laszlo, Vekemans Bart, Terzano Roberto, Brenker Frank E.. Recent trends in quantitative aspects of microscopic X-ray fluorescence analysis
Trends in analytical chemistry-issn 0165-9936-29(2010),p. 464-478
Bulska Ewa, Wysocka Irena A., Wierzbicka Małgorzata H., Proost Kristof, Janssens Koen, Falkenberg Gerald. In vivo investigation of the distribution and the local speciation of selenium in **Allium cepa L.** by means of microscopic X-ray absorption near-edge structure spectroscopy and confocal microscopic X-ray fluorescence analysis
Analytical chemistry-issn 0003-2700-78(2006),p. 7616-7624


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