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Academic Articles and Book Chapters

Belloni, M. (2019). When the phone stops ringing: on the meanings and causes of disruptions in communication between Eritrean refugees and their families back home. Global Networks.

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Belloni, M. (2016), Quando migrare diventa la norma: pressioni sociali ed aspirazioni individuali nella migrazione forzata dall’Eritrea. in Ciabarri L. “I RIFUGIATI e L’EUROPA: Tra crisi internazionali e corridoi d'accesso”, Raffaello Cortina Eds (Milano)


Feature articles on websites and other media

Anything new under the sun? Analysing the shifting flow of Eritrean asylum seekers to Europe  (May 2016) for the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat.

Crossing the border, blurring the boundaries: alternative views on human smuggling from the Horn of Africa (April 2016) in Allegra Lab;

Human smugglers: exploiters or pioneers of new underground railroad (November 20, 2014) in Al Jazeera America with James Jeffreys ;

It's April, which means Eritrea's refugees are headed north ‘Wey keb wey geb! All or nothing!’  (April 5, 2014) in the Global Post;

"Come ti smantello Addis Abeba” (March, 2012) in  “Nigrizia”


Film Reviews

Belloni, M. & Setti F. (2016), Film Review of “The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song.”Directed by Christy Garland. (2012), in Urbanities, 6(2)