Reinhart Ceulemans

Emeritus hoogleraar

Publicaties in de kijker

Greenhouse gas budget of a poplar bioenergy plantation in Belgium : $CO_{2}$ uptake outweighs $CH_{4}$ and $N_{2}O$ emissions
Horemans Joanna   Arriga Nicola   Ceulemans Reinhart  
GCB bioenergy - ISSN 1757-1693-11:12 (2019) p. 1435-1443
Consensus, uncertainties and challenges for perennial bioenergy crops and land use
Whitaker Jeanette   Field John L.   Bernacchi Carl J.   Cerri Carlos E.P.   Ceulemans Reinhart   Davies Christian A.   DeLucia Evan H.   Donnison Iain S.   McCalmont Jon P.   Paustian Keith   Rowe Rebecca L.   Smith Pete   Thornley Patricia   McNamara Niall P.  
GCB bioenergy - ISSN 1757-1693-10:3 (2018) p. 150-164
Genotypic variation in transpiration of coppiced poplar during the third rotation of a short-rotation bio-energy culture
Navarro Garcia Alejandra   Portillo-Estrada Miguel   Arriga Nicola   Vanbeveren Stefan   Ceulemans Reinhart  
GCB bioenergy - ISSN 1757-1693-10:8 (2018) p. 592-607
Carbon isotope compositions ($\delta^{13}C$) of leaf, wood and holocellulose differ among genotypes of poplar and between previous land uses in a short-rotation biomass plantation
Verlinden Melanie   Fichot R.   Broeckx Laura   Vanholme B.   Boerjan W.   Ceulemans Reinhart  
Plant, cell and environment - ISSN 0140-7791-38:1 (2015) p. 144-156
The challenge of lignocellulosic bioenergy in a water-limited world
King John S.   Ceulemans Reinhart   Albaugh Janine M.   Dillen Sophie   Fichot RĂ©gis   Zenone Terenzio   et al.  
Bioscience - ISSN 0006-3568-63:2 (2013) p. 102-117

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