Business and Economics

Practical experience during your studies

Internships, company visits, lectures and much more

As a business students, it's essential to put your strong theoretical foundation into practice. Via guest lectures, company visits, practice projects or internship, you'll learn first-hand what the corporate world is all about.


Internships allow you to gain actual experience in a company by working on current projects or assignments. At the end, you are required to write a self-reflective evaluation report.

Key facts

Voluntary internship

If your curriculum does not entail an internship, you can always decide to do a voluntary one. In this case:

  • you do not earn credits, nor do you receive guidance from an faculty supervisor. However, the student is insured by the University of Antwerp.
  • there are no requirements with regards to content and you are not expected to hand in a report. 
  • this is also possible during the summer after graduation (until the end of September).
  • you have to be able to combine the internship with your classes at all times.

Consulting project

In a consulting project, you learn to analyse an real-life corporate issue. At the end, you present specific recommendations in a report.

Key facts

Practice-oriented Master's thesis

If you decide to do practice-oriented Master's thesis, you independently analyse an organisational issue and formulate realistic management recommendations in an academic report. The practice-oriented Master's thesis gives you the opportunity to work with a company or organisation for a longer period of time. 

Key facts

Business games and challenges

In the 'Ethical and Sustainable Business' courses, you learn to make the strategy of companies and organisations more sustainable in collaboration with EY. After being confronted with real-life cases, you'll formulate recommendations in order to realise a sustainable business model. Finally, you pitch your case for the other students and consultants in the EY innovation center ‘Wavespace’.

If you follow the 'Data mining'-courses, a data science challenge using real-life datasets will be organised for you and your fellow students.

Company visits and guest lectures

During some courses you visit Belgian companies such as:

  • The headquarters of AXA Belgium
  • EY wavespace™ Antwerp
  • The backstage of the Nespresso Boutique Antwerp

In other courses, business professionals will present actual cases during guest lectures. Some examples:

  • Dr. Markus Broich, Vice president Political Affairs Airbus SE, on 'Selling your business interest in a political environment', in the course 'Strategy, Structure and Management of the Multinational Enterprise'
  • Sofie De Cnudde, Machine Learning Scientist at (London), in the course 'Case Studies and Trends in Data Sience'
  • Vinayak Javaly, Data scientist at Lenddo EFL (New York),  in the course 'Data Engineering'
  • Peter Claes, Director Media and Production of VRT (Flemish Broadcasting Organisation), on 'Challenges in Social Profit Marketing', in the course 'Current Topics in Marketing'
  • Tony Van Gestel, Director Risk Models, Quantification and Defaults at Dexia (Belgium), and CEO Dexia Netherlands, in the course 'Case Studies and Trends in Data Sience'
  • and many more!

Also some of your course leaders play an important role in different companies:

A company visit

to the Nespresso Boutique

How is theory put to practice?

A testimonial from student David