UAntwerp-graduates are not just excellent doctors, linguists, engineers ... – the alumni of all of our programmes also share a common profile. Call it the ‘DNA of our alumni’.

an academic problem solver

You solve problems with scientific integrity. You know how to carry out critical academic research in order to develop new knowledge and insights.

a team player

You can work constructively in a team, taking the opinions and views of all team members into account.

a global citizen

Your international competences allow you to function effectively in a globalised society.

self-aware and open-minded

You are conscious of your own frame of reference and can act ethically and socially in a diverse society. Studying in Antwerp means developing yourself from a broad societal perspective, and especially from a metropolitan perspective.

tolerant and engaged

You respect differences and diversity. You are tolerant of different political, cultural and spiritual beliefs. This allows you to empathise and engage with others.


You act ethically, socially responsibly and sustainably. You draw on a range of disciplines to reflect on new challenges in the pursuit of a sustainable society.


You are aware of your own competences. They enable you to take initiative and innovate creatively.

The University of Antwerp competence profile - full text approved by the Education Board on 26 March 2019 (pdf - 80kb)