Diversity and participation

The University of Antwerp focuses on equal inflow and through-flow opportunities for all students, including more vulnerable students.  The University of Antwerp also stimulates strong participation of students in all policy-making bodies.

Active pluralism

The University of Antwerp supports philosophical diversity within its organisation, as the university values the education of students who show mutual respect for each other’s point of view in a super diverse society

Research university (nexus research-education)

Academic education at the University of Antwerp is quality education based on scientific research. The study programmes are structured in a way that enable students to gradually develop and acquire academic skills and attitudes.

Activating, student-centred and competence-based education

Education at the University of Antwerp focuses on the development of competences as integrated wholes of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The University of Antwerp sees students as active and independent partners managing their own learning process.


We want all our students to gain international and intercultural competences, enabling them to find their way in a globalizing society. The University of Antwerp stimulates mobility and also works on internationalisation@home.

Sustainability and  interdisciplinarity

Together with our lecturers and students, the University of Antwerp focuses on sustainability in several fields. We stimulate interfaculty and interdisciplinary initiatives so students can broaden their view on sustainability. The University of Antwerp pays attention to sustainability in the curricula and also reflects on how the university organises and develops its education.

Quality culture

Quality education requires a strong quality culture, in which the University of Antwerp pays a lot of  attention to a culture of consultation.

On a central level it is the working Group for Innovation and Quality Assurance in Education that manages the university’s quality policy. On a decentralized level the Cells for Innovation and Quality Assurance in Education within each faculty are very important.


The University of Antwerp stimulates student entrepreneurship by teaching attitudes like creativity and sense of initiative. Additionally, UAntwerp offers coaching to students who would like to combine study and business life.