Training Linguapolis staff has as its aim to enhance expertise, improve the quality of all activities and contribute to the professional development of all staff. On top of that Linguapolis also stresses its role as a centre of expertise with respect to language teaching to adult learners: we develop and teach workshops and training sessions on language pedagogy and we have our staff participate in activities at home and abroad in order to share know-how and raise our international profile.
All staff are encouraged to follow and/or teach internal and external training building on their individual competency profile and personal needs. The result of evaluation meetings and the specific focuses defined by the team co-ordinators are important guiding principles for determining staff competency and needs.

Internal training

We regularly organize internal training sessions, tailor made for Linguapolis staff. The sessions typically consist of dissemination of know-how built up by a Linguapolis colleague or of an interesting external training session (followed by a Linguapolis colleague). We also invite external trainers.

External training

Linguapolis staff regularly participate in in-service training and/or take part in workshops or conferences that are organized by bodies outside the institute. We take care that the training provider’s vision and mission are in line with the Linguapolis vision and mission, which emphasize quality care, integrity and fair pricing.