In 2011, our university conferred its honorary doctorates on Thursday 7 April.

Scientific merit

Prof Dipesh Chakrabarty

The Faculty of Arts awarded an honorary doctorate to the multidisciplinary researcher Dipesh Chakrabarty, currently a professor at the University of Chicago. Chakrabarty, born in Bangladesh, is one of the most important representatives of ‘postcolonial’ historiography. His work centres around the notion that non-Western historical events are always interpreted from the point of view of European historical events.

Supervisor: Prof Henk de Smaele

Mr Geert Corstens

Geert Corstens received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Law. He is President of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, the highest court in the Netherlands. Corstens is an internationally renowned expert in the fields of criminal procedure, criminal law and judicial organisation.

Supervisor: Prof Joëlle Rozie

Dr Poul Hyttel

Danish veterinary surgeon Poul Hyttel received an honorary doctorate in Veterinary Sciences for his scientific research in embryology. Hyttel is in great demand as a guest speaker at international congresses and also held the Francqui Chair at the University of Antwerp in academic year 2010-2011.

Supervisor: Prof Peter Bols

Prof Bina Agarwal

The honorary doctorate from the Institute of Development Policy and Management (IOB) was conferred upon Indian Professor of Economics Bina Agarwal. She is renowned in India and abroad for her contributions to the fields of environment and development, and is also chair of the International Society of Ecological Economists.

Supervisor: Prof Nathalie Holvoet

General merit

Prof Werner Oechslin

The first honorary doctorate for general merit was conferred upon Swiss professor Werner Oechslin, a pioneer in the theory of architecture. This choice was a nod to the fact that Architecture and other academic polytechnic degree programmes would soon be integrated in the University of Antwerp.

Supervisor: Prof Jan Paredaens

Mr Jan Decleir

The University of Antwerp gladly conferred a second honorary doctorate for general merit upon Jan Decleir. The actor, who was born in Niel, has excelled on both stage and screen for years. Decleir has been awarded many national and international awards for his acting performances.

Supervisor: Prof Alain Verschoren