Ms Otobong Nkanga and Mr Rik Devillé

Honorary degree for General Merit

Mr Rik Devillé. In recognition of and with gratitude for his support for the victims of child sexual abuse in the Church, for his efforts in exposing and denouncing the abuse, and in doing so opening up the debate on inappropriate behaviour.

Ms Otobong Nkanga. The Antwerp-Nigerian artist Otobong Nkanga has won several prestigious awards with her multifaceted oeuvre. She is regarded worldwide as one of today's most important artists and has exhibited at Tate Modern (London), Biennale d'art contemporain (Lyon) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Antwerp).

The two honorary doctorates are complementary. Central to Otobong Nkanga's work are themes of healing, revival and regeneration. These concepts also apply to Rik Devillé's efforts. Both also want to raise awareness of the risks posed by (hierarchical) structures.

Nominator: Rector Herman Van Goethem

Prof. Christopher Butler

Honorary degree in Medicine and Health Sciences

Prof. Christopher Butler, in recognition of his expertise in and contribution to general practice research of infectious disease management in the context of antimicrobial resistance and other pandemics. 

University of Oxford.

Nominator: Prof. Samuel Coenen

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Prof. Paul Cotter

Honorary degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Prof. Paul Cotter, in recognition of his expertise in the field of microbial food science, and in particular for his contribution to fermented foods, antimicrobial peptides for food use and the gut microbiome. 

Teagasc Food Research Centre, APC Microbiome Ireland & Vistamilk SFI Research Centres, University of Cork.

Nominator: Prof. Nina Hermans

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Prof. Marc Koper

Honorary degree in Applied Engineering

Prof. Marc Koper, in recognition of his expertise in the field of electrochemistry and in particular for his contribution to electrocatalysis. 

Leiden University.

Nominator: Prof. Tom Breugelmans

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Prof. Katharina Pistor

Honorary degree in Law

Prof. Katharina Pistor, in recognition of her groundbreaking work in law, wealth creation and inequality. 

Columbia Law School (New York City).

Nominator: Prof. Thalia Kruger

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