Regulations learning centre Campus Middelheim

Art. 1

This regulation describes the internal rules that apply in the Parabool Learning Centre of the University of Antwerp on Campus Middelheim. All rules and user conditions as stated on the website, in the learning Centre itself or by library staff members or other qualified staff of the University of Antwerp are also part of this regulation.

Art. 2

Anyone who enters the Parabool Learning Centre agrees to comply with these regulations. Entering the Parabool implies acknowledgement and acceptance of all internal rules.


In case of evacuation, all users will evacuate the building as quickly as possible, following the instructions given by the evacuation helpers. Reentering the building is only permitted when the building is secure.


Art. 4

The Parabool Learning Centre is accessible for the following persons, hereinafter referred to as ‘users’:

  1. Students of  the University of Antwerp, provided they have a valid student card of the current academic year with them. Automatic access to the Learning Centre is granted by using the student card at the entrance. The identity mentioned on the student card must be identical to the identity of the holder of the card. Under ‘student of the University of Antwerp’ is understood: each student (who is) enrolled in the current academic year for a University of Antwerp academic program.
  2. Staff members of the University of Antwerp, provided they have a valid staff card with them. Automatic access to the Learning Centre is granted by using the staff card at the entrance. Staff members who do not have a valid staff card, can not access the Learning Centre.
  3. Others, when participating in an event or meeting that has been organized by the University of Antwerp Library.

Art. 5

Users commit to leaving the Parabool Learning Centre no later than at closing time of the building.

Eating and drinking

Art. 6

Both possession and consumption of alcoholic drinks are prohibited.

Art. 7

Both possession and consumption of (cooled) hot meals, including soup,  are not allowed in the Parabool Learning Centre.

Art. 8

The users clean up their waste and deposit it in the bins, with respect of the sorting rules.


Art. 9

The furniture belongs to the Learning Centre. This means that it is not allowed to move the furniture out of the Learning Centre. Only the library staff is authorized to decide otherwise.

Art. 10

The furniture can be moved within the Learning Centre, as long as it does not disturb the normal circulation within the space.

Procedure in case of infringement on regulation

Art. 11

For security reasons, the Parabool Learning Centre is under permanent camera surveillance. In case of presumption of infringement on regulations, camera footage and entrance data can be analyzed.

The library adheres to the privacy policy set by the University of Antwerp.

Depending on the severity of the infringement, the Head Librarian will decide on appropriate sanctioning. This may vary from a warning to temporary or final exclusion from the Parabool Learning Centre. The Head Librarian holds responsibility over the Parabool Learning Centre.