What are predatory journals/publishers?​

Many publishers ask a fee (article processing charges) to make a publication open access available on their website.

Some publishers abuse this model: they charge for publication without having the necessary quality assurance in place. For instance, these ‘predatory’ publishers and journals do not organize or carry out peer review, suddenly ask for higher fees than what was originally agreed upon, or do not publish some articles at all despite payment.

Researchers are spammed daily with mails from predatory publishers that are using subtle misleading techniques. For example journal titles are mentioned  that are, except from a few words, exactly the same as those from wellknown and high profile journals.

Check the videoclips on predatory publishing!

How to avoid predatory publications?

It's important to be careful when choosing a journal. Following tools can help to decide whether a journal is reliable or not:

More information is available on the pintra webpages (log-in required) of the department of research affairs and innovation.

Videoclips about predatory open access publishers​

Raf Guns from the department of research affairs and innovation explains in short videoclips what you should know about predatory open access publishers.