Is there an open access policy at the University of Antwerp?

Yes. Since 2014 there has been an open access policy. This policy stipulates that the inclusion of a peer-reviewed journal article in the academic bibliography is only possible if a version is included that is suitable for open access. For other publication types, it is assumed that researchers do their best effort to make open access possible. More info

Is open access mandatory?

Yes, if your publication is part of research funded by an organization that imposes a so-called open access mandate. This is the case for European research projects and FWO projects

Do I always have to pay to publish my research open access?

No. You always have the right to make your last peer-reviewed manuscript open access available if your research is funded by at least 50% public funds. You can use this right for journal articles and it applies to all scientific journals. The manuscripts become accessible after an embargo period that is in line with the maximum embargo period allowed by research funders

Can I submit a preprint to the institutional repository of the University of Antwerp?

Yes. It is the author’s responsibility to request a switch to the appropriate publication type at the moment of publication and to request that the link to the preprint be removed (or kept).

Is there an open access budget at the University of Antwerp?

No. If you want to make the final publisher's version of a journal article open access available, you often have to pay an author's contribution to the publisher. There is no central budget that you can use. The university might have a deal with the publisher though, allowing you to publish open access for free.

What does the Belgian law say about open access?

This is splendidly explained by Professor Esther van Zimmeren in the video you can find here.

How can I check whether a publisher or journal is reliable?

This is splendidly explained by Raf Guns in a number of short video clips that you can find  here.

Can I submit open access versions to older publications that are listed on my academic bibliography?

Yes. Send a message and attachment to the library 's helpdesk with reference to the identification of the records to be completed

There are so many preliminary versions in circulation before my paper was finally published. Which manuscript can I place online?

In the context of open access funder obligations this means the last submitted and peer-reviewed manuscript. This is the version without final layout and copy editing. The term 'Author Accepted Manuscript', AAM or postprint is also used for this version. The following versions are not suitable: corrected proofs and manuscripts that still contain peer review annotations.