Keep yourself informed about recently added information in library resources: new books in the library, tables of contents of recently published journal issues, additional references in databases and citations to an article.

New books in the university library

The library can automatically notify you which new titles are added to the collection.

The selection of these titles is based on profiles. You can subscribe to existing profiles or request a specific profile. For specific profiles your area of ​​interest is defined in terms of author names, keywords, title words, ... .
It is possible to subscribe to multiple profiles.
The new titles are sent by e-mail. To use this service you should be registered as a university library user.

This personal service can be found via My Library.

New references in databases

Most bibliographic databases provide the ability to save a search. Based on this search, you can create an alert that detects new records that meet your search requirements and notifies you.

To use this option, you must create a personal account within the database.

New journal content

Publisher websites (e.g. Elsevier, Wiley, …) provide the ability to setup and save alerts:

  • Content alerts notify you as soon as a new issue is published online.
  • Saved search alerts about a subject (See: new references in databases)

To use this option, you have to create a personal account on the publisher’s website.

Citation Alerts

It is possible to set an alert on a particular article, where you will be notified when this item receives an additional citation.
Citation alerts are only meaningful in citation databases: