You know the article’s title and you want to know where to find it.

Bramer, W.M. et al. (2018) ‘Evaluation of a new method for librarian‐mediated literature searches for systematic reviews’, Research Synthesis Methods, 9(4), pp. 510–520.

Search the Discovery Service for the title of the article. To get the best result, choose the Title field and put the article’s title between double quotation marks ("Evaluation of a new method for librarian‐mediated literature searches for systematic reviews").

  • If you copy-paste the entire reference in the search bar, you won’t get any results. If you want to include other elements of the reference in your search, you’ll have to use the advanced search and choose the relevant field for each element.

Check if you can find the article in the result list.

  • If you are using the filter At my library, you will only find the article if we have it in our collection either online or in paper.
  • To find out how and where the article is available to us, click on the button Access options. Sometimes the full text (pdf or html) is immediately included with the result item. Otherwise choose the option Check UAntwerpen full text to check the availability.

You could also use the catalogue, but as the catalogue doesn’t include articles, you cannot search for the article title. You would have to search for the journal title and check the availability of the journal. The catalogue will give you information on both the paper and electronic versions, if available. You would then have to check whether the specific issue, volume and publication year of the article is included as well.