Dedicated Session B-Q MINDED @ ESMRMB 2021

The B-Q MINDED ESRs will have the opportunity to outreach their work on Thursday, October 7th 2021 at a special session at ESMRMB 2021.

This session will be subdivided in 3 subsessions:

  • Quantitative mapping and validation.
  • AI in qMRI.
  • Accelerated MRI.

Each session will be preceded by a short invited talk by the following SAB-members.

  • Quantitative mapping and validation: Prof. Dr. Paul Tofts (Emeritus Professor Univ. Sussex).​
  • AI in qMRI: Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Pizurica (Ghent University).
  • Accelerated MRI: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Romero (Univ. Nacional de Colombia).

Please find the detailed program via this link. All information for registration is available via this link.