Abstracts dedicated Session B-Q MINDED @ ESMRMB 2021

All abstracts can be viewed  via the following abstract numbers in the ‘Book of Abstracts ESMRMB 2021 Online 38th Annual Scientific Meeting 7–9 October 2021’ using this link .


Abstract numberName ESRTitle abstract
C1.O1ESR Emanoel Ribeiro Sabidussi A recurrent inference machine framework to reduce the impact of residual misregistration in quantitative MRI
C1.O2ESR Banafshe Shafieizargar Accelerated multi-shot diffusion weighted imaging with joint estimation of diffusion and phase parameters
C1.O3ESR Céline SmekensHigh-resolution T2* mapping of the knee based on UTE Spiral VIBE MRI
C1.O4ESR Maira Siqueira Pinto Outcome prediction of mild traumatic brain injury using support vector machine based on longitudinal MR diffusion imaging from CENTER-TBI
C1.O5ESR Vincenzo Anania Optimal experimental design for the T2-weighted diffusion kurtosis imaging free water elimination model
C1.O6ESR Riwaj Byanju B0-inhomogeneity correction for accelerated GRASE scans based on the calibration region
C1.O7ESR Michele Nicastro Rotated or shifted sets of multi-slice MR images for super-resolution reconstruction? – A Bayesian answer
C1.O8ESR Roberto Paolella Decoding multiple sclerosis EDSS disability scores from MRI using deep learning
C1.O9ESR Dennis ThomasWater content mapping employing super-resolution reconstruction with acquisitions in three orthogonal orientations
C1.O10ESR Marco Andrea Zampini EPIFANI for ultrafast B1-corrected T1 and PD mapping
C1.O11ESR Mojtaba Lashgari Myocardium numerical phantom at micro-scale – application in MRI simulation
C1.O12ESR Shokoufeh Golshani Towards accelerating cardiac DTI with undersampled 3D spiral acquisitions and a compressed sensing reconstruction based on joint sparsity
C1.O13ESR Seonyeong Shin Performance comparison of monopolar and bipolar readout gradients for T2* quantification
C1.O14ESR María Postigo Fliquete  Effect of varying DWI b-values on prostate lesion segmentation accuracy and robustness

Dedicated Session B-Q MINDED @ ESMRMB 2021

 The B-Q MINDED ESRs had the opportunity to outreach their work on Thursday, October 7th 2021 at a special session at ESMRMB 2021.

This session was subdivided in 3 subsessions:

  • Quantitative mapping and validation.
  • AI in qMRI.
  • Accelerated MRI.

Each session was preceded by a short invited talk by the following SAB-members.

  • Quantitative mapping and validation: Prof. Dr. Paul Tofts (Emeritus Professor Univ. Sussex).​
  • AI in qMRI: Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Pizurica (Ghent University).
  • Accelerated MRI: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Romero (Univ. Nacional de Colombia).

Please find the detailed program via this link