Training Events

The fellows enrolled in B-Q MINDED will have access to a variety of network-wide training events and will gain essential transferable skills that will positively affect their employability in academia and industry.

MRtrix3 Workshop (9-13/9/2019)

The 2nd MRtrix3 workshop has taken place from 9-13/9/2019 hosted by University of Antwerp. More than 60 researchers of which five BQ-minded ESRs, have gathered together with the common objective of knowing more about this program which provides a suite of tools for image processing, analysis and visualisation, with a focus on the study of white matter using diffusion-weighted MRI.

JEMRIS Workshop (17-18/6/2019)

On 17 and 18/06/2019 many ESRs attended the workshop "MRI Simulations with JEMRIS", that took place at Forschungszentrum Jülich. They had 2 full days of lectures and hands-on sessions in which they discovered the many promising applications of JEMRIS in our research! Thanks to all the lecturers and organisers, specially to Prof. Dr. Jon Shah. Check here to know more about JEMRIS.

ISMRM 27th Annual Meeting & Exhibition (11-16/5/2019)

Several members of our EU-funded project B-Q MINDED attended the ISMRM - meeting in Montréal.  

All detailed information (venue, program,...) is available via this link.

MCAA General Assembly 2019 - Vienna

On 23 and 24/02/2019, 4 researchers of our EU-funded  B-Q MINDED project (Maira Pinto, Michele Nicastro, Marco Zampini and Dimitrios Tryfonopoulos) attended the MCAA (Marie Curie Alumni Association) General Assembly 2019 in Vienna. Michele Nicastro gave a presentation about our project.

Workshop on Data Analytics

On 31/01/2019 Maíra Pinto and Roberto Paolella, 2  researchers from our EU-funded project  B-Q MINDED participated in a Data Analytics Workshop in Antwerp organized by CENTER TBI, an European project that aims to improve the care for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).


On 16/01/2019 several researchers participated at the OpenMR Benelux , a new Open Science event for the field of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

ISMRM Benelux

The aim of the annual ISMRM Benelux meeting is to stimulate young researchers active in the exciting field of MR in Medicine. During this 1-day meeting junior researchers got the opportunity to present their work in oral and poster presentations to a diverse and expert audience.

Our colleagues joined the 11th Annual Meeting of the ISMRM Benelux Chapter in Leiden.

One of our colleagues Riwaj Byanju (Erasmus MC Rotterdam) presented his study.