Research project: Design, Synthesis and Biochemical evaluation of novel serine protease inhibitors.

Host organisation: University of Antwerp (UA), Belgium

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Koen AUGUSTYNS

Brief biography: My name is Alba Ramos Llorca, and I am a PhD candidate working on serine proteases inhibitors. I have a BSc in Chemistry from IQS (Ramón Llull University) in Barcelona, Spain and a Double master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery and Safety. The first year of the double degree was at Copenhagen University in Denmark and the second at VU Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I have specialized in Organic Chemistry and Synthesis during my studies through the courses, my bachelor thesis in the Molecular Engineering Laboratory at IQS University, and my master thesis within the PDE4NPD consortium at Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems at VU University.