Alba Ramos Llorca – “The MSCA fellowship allowed me to expand my horizons and work on a multidisciplinary project. I believe that the personal and professional skills learned during the PhD will be beneficial for the future. And as for my future aspirations, I would like to use my skills and knowledge in a different setting and move to an industrial experience.”

Camilla Scarpellini – “Being an MSCA PhD fellow allowed me to receive interdisciplinary training in different fields and environments making me grew both, professionally and personally. My future aspiration is to remain a few more years in academia before moving to the industrial environment.”

Agnese Compagnone – "Being an MSCA PhD fellow was undoubtedly a challenging experience but also a very exciting and stimulating one. The network developed within this consortium creates a scientific environment keen on exchanging feedback and ideas, leading to scientific growth. When it comes to future aspirations, the next challenge would be to keep on with academic research in the field of ophthalmology."


Nikolaos Katsinas"Performing a Ph.D. in the frame of an MSCA project is a life-changing experience that made me gain numerous technical and soft skills, growing both personally and scientifically. I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with a bunch of academic and industrial partners, work in different fields, and visit several international working environments. My aspiration is to apply all the obtained knowledge to a future industrial environment."

Davide Ceradini – "The last three years were quite challenging, but going through difficulties has made me understand what my weakness and my strengths are. Looking back, I can say I grew up a lot as a scientist and a human. With the IT-DED³ project, I got the chance to live and visit several European countries. There are, of course, many differences between countries. Still, there is a common, beautiful European Weltanschauung to be proud of and to defend in these challenging times that we are living in. Before starting my PhD, I knew I would move back to the industry in the end. I did not change my mind, but the kind of job I want to assume in a company is different now. While I was more oriented towards MedChem discovery, now I'm focused on organic chemistry and will likely end up working in a CRO."

Luna Krstić – "Being an MSCA fellow made me grow both professionally and personally, a truly enriching experience! As for the future, I would like to remain in academia; but I don’t discard the option of an industrial experience."

Anusha Balla – "As an MSCA fellow, I have gained opportunities to explore, potential to grow, and better possibilities for my future. It was a challenging, fun, and exciting experience. As for the future, I'd prefer to gain industrial experience, but I'm not ruling out the continuation of my academic life." 

Murat Akkurt– "The MSCA fellowship let me dive deep into medical research and broaden my horizons! This astonishing experience will keep me in a research environment in the future whether in the private sector or academia."

Adrián Guerrero Moreno"My PhD career as an MSCA fellow can be summarized in: experiences, hard work, discovery of new points of view and professional and personal growth. I think this way of performing a PhD allows you to see your research topic much more broadly, as it brings together specialists from different fields. For the future, I will try to continue in research, whether public or private."

Bao Tran –  "The MSCA Fellowship provided me with the opportunity to advance my career and expertise in drug development, specialied in dry eye disease. I got the opportunity work with the top pharmaceutical and ophthalmology researchers in the field. As for the future, I would like to continue working on the "bench to bedside", to connect academia, clinics, and the pharmaceutical industry. "

Asif Khan Setu"The MSCA Fellowship provided me the opportunity to develop my professional and personal career and skills through extensive internationalization of my research, access to interdisciplinary expertise, and networking with other fellows and PIs. For my future career, I will stay in academia, however, I want to be an entrepreneur establishing my own company."

Maha Abdallah"My MSCA fellowship was a standout experience in both my life and career. It helped me achieve what I wanted to be, and it grew my passion to contribute in impactful and challenging projects within the healthcare and life science industry for the future."