• Opening & Welcome Note | Christophe Baudouin, MD, PhD. President of the European Dry Eye Society - EuDES. Professor of Ophthalmology, chairman of department 3 of Ophthalmology in Quinze-Vingts National Ophthalmology Hospital
  • Introduction to the IT-DED³ Network | Koen Augustyns, Phd, Coordinator of IT-DED³. Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences, Full Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Antwerp

Opening & Welcome Note

Introduction to IT-DED³ Network

  • Keynote Lecture 1 “T Cell subsets in Ocular Surface Inflammatory Disease” | Virginia Calder, PhD, Full professor of Ocular Immunology Ophthalmology Institute, University College London, IT-DED³ External Advisory Board
  • Keynote Lecture 2 “The Spectrum of Dry Eye Disease - Therapeutic Implications” | Margarita Calonge, MD, PhD, Full professor of Ophthalmology. Head of Ocular Surface Group at the Institute for Applied Ophthalmobiology (IOBA), University of Valladolid and CIBER-BBN

Keynote Lecture 1

Keynote Lecture 2


Chaired by Amalia Enríquez-De-Salamanca, PhD, Applied OphthalmologyInstitute (IOBA), University of Valladolid

  • Activity-based probes targeting serine proteases: a tool for biomarker identification | Alba Ramos-Llorca, PhD fellow at the University of Antwerp
  • Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel cell death inhibitors | Camilla Scarpellini, PhD fellow at the University of Antwerp
  • Valorization of the olive by-products phenolic compounds and their evaluation as therapeutic agents for ocular surface inflammatory diseases | Nikolaos Katsinas, PhD fellow at the University of Valladolid
  • Extraction of bioactives using deep eutctic solvents from marine by-products for their potential application in the dry eye disease treatment | Maha Abdallah, PhD fellow at the Institute of Experimental Biology andTechnology – iBET​

Alba Ramos-Llorca

Camilla Scarepllini

Nikolaos Katsinas

Maha Abdallah


Chaired by Arto Urtti, PhD, Full professor, University of Eastern Finland.

  • Implementation of in-vivo models to identify potential candidates for DED treatment | Agnese Compagnone, PhD fellow at the University of Antwerp
  • Upscaling of lead compounds from WP1 and enantioselective synthesis of the serine protease inhibitor UAMC-00050 | Davide Ceradini, PhD fellow at the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis - LIOS
  • Development of new carriers to improve the bioavailability of topic formulations to treat ocular surface inflammatory diseases | Luna Krstić, PhD fellow at the University of Valladolid
  • Drug penetration to ocular surface tissues | Anusha Balla, PhD fellow at the University of Eastern Finland
  • Dry eye therapy using cannabinoid ligands in a water-free delivery platform | Bao Tran Ngoc, PhD fellow at the University Hospital Cologne

Agnese Compagnone

Davide ceradini

Luna Krstić

Anusha Balla

Bao Tran


Chaired by Annabelle Reaux-Le-Goazigo, PhD, the Vision Institute

  • Development of new biomarkers for Dry Eye Disease | Murat Akkurt Arslan, PhD fellow at Sorbonne University
  • Pain in dry eye disease: from the lab bench to the clinic | Adrián Guerrero-Moreno, PhD fellow at Sorbonne University
  • Development of novel diagnostic tools for dry-eye disease using infrared meibography, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and confocal microscopy | Md Asif Khan Setu, PhD fellow at the University Hospital Cologne

Murat Akkurt Arslan

Adrián Guerrero-Moreno

Md Asif Khan Setu