Seminars 2004

Departmental Seminars

  1. Prof. dr. A. Piel, Institute for experimental and applied
    physics, Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, Germany
    Coulomb crystal in dusty plasma
    6 April 2004

  2. Prof. dr. A. Long, University of Glasgow, UK
    Interactions and switching in arrays of magnetic nanostructures
    30 March 2004


Group Seminars

  1. Mr. Kwinten Nelissen
    Self-assembly with competing interacting with application in 2D classical clusters
    Wednesday 2 December 2004

  2. Mr. A. Hermandes
    Simulations of the intermediate state in type-I superconductors
    Wednesday 25 November 2004

  3. Dr. Wim Magnus
    The most recent research conducted in IMEC laboratories
    Wednesday 17 November 2004

  4. Miss. An Slachmuylders
    Wednesday 17 November 2004

  5. Prof. dr. V. A. Ivanov
    The nature of ferromagnetism in dilute magnetic semiconductors and new materials for spintronics
    Tuesday 16 November 2004

  6. Dr. Leonardo Cabral
    Elastic Modes of Vortex Configurations in Thin Disks
    Wednesday 20 Oktober 2004

  7. Miss Daria Tomescka
    Performance of computer simulation methods illustrated on the example of Molecular Dynamics study: 2D systems of charged particles confined by a parabolic potential
    Wednesday 29 September 2004

  8. Dr. Alexei Vagov
    "The Cooper instability in gases with the resonant two-particle scattering"
    Thursday 09 September 2004

  9. Mr. Tomasz Chwiej
    "Exciton and trion dissociation by an external electric field in vertically coupled quantum dots"
    Tuesday 24 August 2004

  10. Dr. Peter Leoni
    "The link between Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and Quantum Spin Systems: About oscillations in Predator-Prey Models"
    Wednesday 4th August 2004

  11. Dr. Dimitri Kulikov, "Physique des Solides Irradies et des Nanostructures" laboratory ULB, Belgium
    Recent developments
    13 July 2004

  12. Prof. dr. Prosenjit Singha Deo (S. N. Bose National Center, India)
    Scattering phase shifts at Fano resonances
    Wednesday 28th July 2004

  13. Prof. Panagiotis Vasilopoulos (Concordia Univ., Canada)
    Spin-Transistor Possibilities With Periodically Modulated Waveguides
    Thursday 1st July 2004

  14. Dr. Clara Riva
    Physics of traffic (Modeling human behavior)
    Wednesday 23rd June 2004

  15. Mr. Maarten Tavenier
    Correlations between electrons and vortices in quantum dots
    Wednesday 16th June 2004

  16. Mr. Milorad Milosevic
    Superconducting films nanostructured by magnetic dots: the vortex matter, flux pinning and enhancement of the critical parameters
    Wednesday 9th June 2004

  17. Dr. Charles Reichhardt (LANL, USA)
    Equilibrium and nonequilibrium states for colloids interacting with external fild
    Wednesday 2th June2004

  18. Mr. Vladan Mlinar
    The general nonsymmetrized Hamiltonian and comparison with single-band and multiband models
    Wednesday 21st April 2004

  19. Dr. Irina Schweigert
     Strong interaction of charged particles with plasma
    Tuesday 6th April 2004

  20. Dr. Milan Tadic
    Interband and intraband magnetooptical properties of self-assembled
    quantum dots
    Tuesday 30th March 2004

  21. Dr. Leonardo Cabral
    From Vortex Molecules to Abrikosov Lattice in Thin Disks
    Wednesday 17th March 2004

  22.  Mr. Yosyp Sidor
    Electron wave-function spill-over effect and electronic structure in
    self-assembled InAs/InP quantum wires

    Wednesday 10th March 2004

  23.  Prof. Mihaly Bendict
    Superradiance, a tutorial
    Wednesday 25th February 2004

  24. Mr. Giovanni Piacente (Title to be defined)
    Wednesday 3rd March 2004

  25. Mr. Minghui Kong
    Sturcture and spectrum of  2D clusters confined in hard wall potentials
    18 February 2004

  26. Dr. Bartolomiej Szafran
    Exact broken simmetry states for Wigner molecules in quantum dots
    11 February 2004