Seminars 2009

Departemental Seminars

  1. Dr. Sankalpa Ghosh, Indian Institute of Technology, India
    Transport of massless Dirac fermions in graphene through magnetic barriers under various situation: Optical analogies and the band structure
    13 July 2009

  2. Prof. Dr. Charles Reichhardt, Theoretical Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
    Realizing Novel Collective Particle Dynamics on Periodic Substrates: From Superconductors to Bacteria
    28 April 2009

  3. Dr. G. Csaba, Institute for Nanoelectronics, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    Nanomagnetic Computing
    6 March 2009

Group Seminars

  1. Prof. Dr. Sergei P. Kruchinin
    Spin orientation phase transitions in the system of magnetic dots in a London-type superconductor
    17 December 2009

  2. Yunlai Hao
    D- Shallow Donor States near a Semiconductor-Metal (-Dielectric) Interface
    9 December 2009

  3. Prof. Dr. Shi-Ping Zhou
    Spin Polarized State and Fractional Flux Quantum in Mesoscopic Ring of Metallic Superconductors
    2 December 2009

  4. Ben Xu
    Calorimetric properties of mesoscopic superconductors
    18 November 2009

  5. Massoud Ramezani Masir
    Magnetic Kronig-Penney model for Dirac electrons in single-layer graphene
    12 November 2009

  6. Dr. Vyacheslav Misko
    The dynamics of colloids in a narrow channel driven by a non-uniform force
    4 November 2009

  7. Dr. Arkady Shanenko
    Quantum-size collapse of Cooper pairs in nanoscale superconductors
    21 October 2009

  8. Hamilton Carrillo
    Ballistic Transport in a Nano-FET Wire
    14 October 2009

  9. Dr. Devrim Guclu
    Many electron properties of graphene quantum dots
    9 October 2009

  10. Dr. Lucian Covaci
    A new approach to polaron physics
    7 October 2009

  11. D. P. Kosimov
    Carbon clusters: from ring structures to nano-graphene
    30 September 2009

  12. Dr. Andras Libal
    Antivortex complexes and intrinsic ratchet dynamics in superconductors with progressive magnetic topology
    9 September 2009

  13. Dr. Vyacheslav Misko
    Collective vortex phases in periodic plus random pinning potential
    2 September 2009

  14. Dr. Mihail Croitoru
    Parity effect in superconducting nanoparticles
    29 July 2009

  15. Dr. J. S. de Sousa
    SiGe nanocrystal flash memories: strategies to simultaneously achieve fast programming and long retention times
    10 July 2009

  16. Dr. Walter Pogosov
    From one to N Cooper pairs, step by step
    8 July 2009

  17. Dr. Joao Milton Pereira
    Valley polarization due to trigonal warping on tunneling electrons in graphene
    1 July 2009

  18. Hartwin Peelaers
    Electronic and dynamical properties of semiconducting nanowires
    17 June 2009

  19. Dr. Kwinten Nelissen
    Work and dissipation in classical systems
    20 May 2009

  20. Hao Yunlai
    Shallow donor states near a semiconductor-insulator-metal interface
    7 May 2009

  21. Dr. Artak Avetisyan
    Electric Field Induced Band Gaps in Graphene Multilayers
    15 April 2009

  22. Michael Barbier
    Graphene: the Kronig-Penney model
    18 March 2009

  23. Nga Nguyen
    Cyclotron resonance of a magnetic quantum dot
    4 March 2009

  24. Dr. Golibjon Berdiyorov
    Finite size effects on the resistive state in a mesoscopic type-II superconducting stripe
    25 February 2009

  25. Ortwin Leenaerts
    Molecular adsorption on graphene
    18 February 2009

  26. Massoud Ramezani Masir
    Quasi-bound states of Schrödinger and Dirac electrons in a magnetic quantum dot
    11 February 2009

  27. Dr. András Libál
    Spin Ice Model Systems on Colloids and Superconductors
    4 February 2009

  28. Dr. Vyacheslav Misko
    Unconventional Vortex Dynamics in Mesoscopic Corbino Disks
    28 January 2009

Lectures on nano-scale superconductivity

  1. Dr. Arkady Shanenko
    Bogoliubov theory of superconductivity - II
    6 May 2009

  2. Dr. Arkady Shanenko
    Bogoliubov theory of superconductivity - I
    29 April 2009