Seminars 2010

Departemental Seminars

  1. Prof. Mikhail Katsnelson, Radboud University Nijmegen
    Graphene: CERN on the desk
    1 December 2010

  2. Prof. Dr. Samvel M. Badalyan, University of Regensburg, Germany
    Beating of Friedel Oscillations in Spin-Orbit Coupled Systems
    16 November 2010

  3. Dr. Andreas Schulz, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf
    Effective low-energy theory and spectral function of interacting carbon nanotubes with spin-orbit coupling
    20 October 2010

  4. Prof. Dr. Jorge Berger, ORT Braude College of Engineering, Israel
    Multiple fluxoid transitions in mesoscopic superconducting rings
    19 October 2010

  5. Prof. Dr. Reinhold Egger, Heinrich-Heine Universität, Düsseldorf
    Superconducting molecular quantum dots
    1 July 2010

  6. Prof. Dr. Daniel Dominguez, Centro Atomico Bariloche, Argentina
    Quantum dynamics of the flux qubit under strong harmonic driving
    6 May 2010

  7. Prof. Andre Geim, Manchester University, UK
    Magic of Flat Carbon
    29 April 2010

Group Seminars

  1. Prof. Dr. P. Vasilopoulos
    Spin-dependent transport through waveguides with spatially (un)modulated spin-orbit interaction strengths
    15 December 2010

  2. Prof. Dr. Mourad Djebli
    Ground state configurations and melting characteristics of a two-dimensional dust clusters
    8 December 2010

  3. Troels Frimodt Rønnow
    Variational quantum Monte Carlo study of charged excitons confined in space using a fractional dimensional model
    1 December 2010

  4. Dr. Fidel Cordoba Valdes
    Three examples of colloidal systems in biophysics
    25 November 2010

  5. Dr. Arkady Shanenko
    Metallic superconducting nanoparticles: spatially nonuniform pairing induced by quantum confinement
    24 November 2010

  6. Dr. Mohammad Ali Pourghaderi
    Quantum Balance Equations: An approach to statistics of non-equilibrium interactive systems
    10 November 2010

  7. Prof. Dr. Alexei Semenov
    Thermal excitation of vortices in superconducting nanowires for detection of infrared photons
    8 November 2010

  8. Dr. Alexander Hernandez
    Electronic and magnetic properties of superlattices of graphene/graphane nanoribbons with different edge hydrogenation
    3 November 2010

  9. Dr. Golibjon Berdiyorov
    Dynamics of superconducting vortices in two band superconductors
    27 October 2010

  10. Andrey Chaves
    Vortex-Vortex Interaction in Bulk Superconductors
    6 October 2010

  11. Prof. Dr. Algirdas Matulis
    Persistent Current and Bethe Ansatz
    29 September 2010

  12. Yajiang Chen
    Hollow nanocylinder: Multisubband superconductivity induced by quantum confinement
    22 September 2010

  13. Venkata Ravi Kishore
    Electronic and optical properties of GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs core-shell nanowires
    15 September 2010

  14. Lucia Komendová
    Vortex states in two-band bulk and thin-film superconductors
    14 July 2010

  15. Yunlai Hao
    D0 shallow donor influenced by a metallic tip
    30 June 2010

  16. Dr. Walter Pogosov
    Thermal suppression of surface barrier in ultrasmall superconducting structures
    2 June 2010

  17. Dr. Rolando Saniz
    Quasiparticle energies and optical properties of SnO2 from first-principles
    20 May 2010

  18. Nansheng Lin
    The Dynamics of Vortex Shells in Mesoscopic Superconducting Corbino Disks
    14 April 2010

  19. Dr. Lucian Covaci
    Chebyshev-BdG: a new method of solving the inhomogeneous BdG equations
    31 March 2010

  20. Massoud Ramezani Masir
    Quantum Hall effect without Landau levels
    31 March 2010

  21. Hemant Dixit
    Quasiparticle Band gap of Zinc oxide with the GW approximation
    24 March 2010

  22. Prof. Dr. Mauro M. Doria
    Vortex patterns in a mesoscopic superconducting rod with a magnetic dot on top
    10 March 2010

  23. Dr. Ali Pourghaderi
    Tunneling Life Time model for MOScap
    24 February 2010

  24. Dr. Ali Pourghaderi
    Carrier transport in nanoscale NMOS
    17 February 2010

  25. Mohammad Zarenia
    Electrostatically confined Quantum Rings in bilayer Graphene
    10 February 2010

  26. Roeland Geurts
    Vortex states in mesoscopic two-gap superconducting disks
    3 February 2010

  27. Dr. Violeta Georgieva
    Molecular dynamics study of complex oxide thin film growth
    5 January 2010