Seminars 2011

Group Seminars

  1. Dr. Lucian Covaci
    Superconducting proximity effect in the presence of phase fluctuations
    9 December 2011

  2. Nansheng Lin
    Rectification of Vortex Motion in a Circular Ratchet Channel
    30 November 2011

  3. Dr. Rolando Saniz
    Ab initio study of CuGaO(1-x)InxSe2 compounds
    18 November 2011

  4. Michael Barbier
    Graphene Hall-bar with PN-juntion: influence of snake states
    9 November 2011

  5. Yajiang Chen
    Quantum cascades in superconducting hollow nanocylinders: geometrical effects
    19 October 2011

  6. Dr. Samvel Badalyan
    Spin phenomena in semiconductor nanostructures
    12 October 2011

  7. Prof. Kusmartsev
    Stable form of 2D crystals and graphene
    4 October 2011

  8. Haijun Zhao
    Pattern formation and phase transitions in systems with non-monotonic interaction
    28 September 2011

  9. Lucia Komendova
    Two-gap superconductors in the Ginzburg-Landau domain
    21 September 2011

  10. Dr. Mehdi Neek-Amal
    The influence of different substrate structure on graphene deformation
    14 September 2011

  11. Prof. Dr. Mauro M. Doria
    The principle of local rotation invariance and the coexistence of magnetism, charge and superconductivity in the form of stripes and other arrangements
    27 July 2011

  12. Dr. Golibjon Berdiyorov
    Dynamics of intermediate state flux structures in current-driven mesoscopic type-I supersonductors
    20 July 2011

  13. Dr. Kwinten Nelissen
    Usage of Turing
    14 July 2011

  14. Dr. Sebastian Costamagna
    Effects of corrugation in graphene nanoribbons
    29 June 2011

  15. Michał Nowak
    Anisotropic proprieties of a spin-orbit-coupled quantum dot in an external magnetic field
    15 June 2011

  16. William Vandenberghe
    Modeling of Phonon-assisted Zener Tunneling in Indirect Semiconductors
    8 June 2011

  17. Dr. Anh-Tuan Pham
    Simulations of mobility in strained SiGe hole inversion layers based on the self-consistent solution of k·p Schrödinger equation - Poisson equation
    18 May 2011

  18. Mozhgan Amini
    Hydrogen impurities and native defects in CdO
    11 May 2011

  19. Ben Xu
    Quasi-classical methods in mesoscopic superconductors
    4 May 2011

  20. Davoud Nasr Esfahani
    Hubbard model with external field using Gutzwiller approximation
    20 April 2011

  21. Paweł Szumniak
    Spin accumulation and nondestructive spin readout without magnetic field
    13 April 2011

  22. Prof. Dr. K. H. Michel
    Phonons and piezoelectricity in multilayers of hexagonal boron nitride
    30 March 2011

  23. Massoud Ramezani Masir
    Aharonov-Bohm effect as a scattering phenomenon
    23 March 2011

  24. Diego Lucena
    Diffusion of interacting particles in a narrow channel: The crossover from single-file to two-dimensional diffusion
    9 March 2011

  25. Bin Li
    Tunable optical Aharonov-Bohm effect in a semiconductor quantum ring
    2 March 2011

  26. William Armando Muñoz
    Broken symmetry in a biased bilayer graphene in the quantum Hall regime
    23 February 2011

  27. Dr. Fabiana Da Pieve
    Electronic, magnetic and optical properties of pure and defective TiO2 through first principles (DFT,DFT+U and GW) and spin orbital hamiltonian approaches
    9 February 2011

  28. Hemant Dixit
    High throughput materials design using data-mining driven first-principles calculation
    2 February 2011

  29. Prof. Dr. Ernst Helmut Brandt
    Manipulation of a Vortex by the Tip of a Magnetic Force Microscope
    26 January 2011

  30. Prof. Dr. Mauro Doria
    Vortex patterns and Little-Parks oscillations in mesoscopic superconductors
    19 January 2011

  31. Prof. Dr. Jorge A. Budagosky
    Band structure calculations of semiconductor quantum dots
    5 January 2011