Seminars 2008

Departemental Seminars

  1. Prof. Dr. Roger Wördenweber, Institute for Bio- and Nanosystems and cni - Center of Nanoelectronic Systems for Information Technology, Research Center Jülich, Germany
    Vortex Matter in Mesoscopic Superconducting Systems
    30 October 2008

  2. Prof. Dr. Bart Partoens
    First principles studies in the CMT group
    24 October 2008

  3. Dr. María J. Calderón, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC), Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid
    Quantum Control of Donor Electrons in Silicon Based Quantum Computing
    24 June 2008

  4. Prof. Dr. Gerbrand Ceder, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Universiteit Antwerpen
    Materials Informatics: Using machine learning techniques with large amounts of ab-initio computed or experimental data to predict the structure of materials
    11 June 2008

  5. Prof. Dr. Gerbrand Ceder, Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Universiteit Antwerpen
    Materials Challenges for Energy
    11 June 2008

  6. Dr. Sahel Ashhab, Digital Materials Laboratory, RIKEN, Wako-shi, Saitama, Japan
    Colloquium: Quantum non-locality of a single delocalized particle
    5 May 2008

  7. Ernst Helmut Brandt, Max-Planck-Institut fuer Metallforschung, Stuttgart
    General critical state in type-II superconductors with longitudinal currents, and vortex shaking in tilted magnetic field
    22 January 2008

Group Seminars

  1. Hemant Dixit
    Transparent Conducting Oxides
    13 November 2008

  2. Prof. Dr. Algirdas Matulis, CMT & Semiconductor Physics Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania
    Graphene and Polymers
    7 November 2008

  3. Dr. Arkady Shanenko
    Superconducting nanowires: transverse quantization and quantum-size cascades
    10 October 2008

  4. Azamat Elmurodov
    Non-stationary states in a superconducting wire
    19 September 2008

  5. Dr. Rolando Saniz
    Calculated properties of the La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7 bilayer manganites, 0.30 < x < 0.50
    5 September 2008

  6. Prof. Dr. Milan Tadič, University of Belgrade, Serbia
    Excitons in stacks of self-assembled quantum rings
    5 August 2008

  7. Prof. Dr. Mauro M. Doria, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Scaling properties of the Ginzburg-Landau theory for films and bulk, the virial theorem, and fluctuations above Tc
    23 July 2008

  8. Dr. Alexander Govorov, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Ohio University, Athens, OH, 45701, USA
    Energy transfer and exciton-plasmon interactions in semiconductor nanocrystals, metal nanoparticles, and bio-conjugates
    17 July 2008

  9. Yajiang Chen
    Shape resonances in the superconducting order parameter of ultrathin nanowires
    16 July 2008

  10. Dr. Walter Pogosov, Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electrodynamics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 125412, Moscow, Russia
    Vortex phases in periodic plus random pinning potential
    26 June 2008

  11. Ben Xu
    Vortex Matter in 3D Spherical Superconductor
    18 June 2008

  12. An Slachmuylders
    A theoretical study of excitons and impurities in freestanding nanowires
    12 June 2008

  13. Hartwin Peelaers
    Phonons in silicon nanowires
    4 June 2008

  14. Massoud Ramezani Masir
    Direction-dependent tunneling through nonostructured magnetic barriers in graphene
    28 May 2008

  15. Prof. Dr. Wim Magnus
    Revisiting the Boltzmann equation
    14 May 2008

  16. Prof. Dr. K.H. Michel
    Evolution of phonon spectra and elastic constants from praphene to graphite
    7 May 2008

  17. Kwinten Nelissen
    Static and dynamical properties of classical one-dimensional and two dimensional finite size systems
    23 April 2008

  18. Prof. Dr. Abdiravuf Dzhurakhalov
    Atomic scale modeling of deposition processes of Co atoms on Ag(001) surface
    16 April 2008

  19. Dr. Golibjon Berdiyorov
    Intermediate State of Mesoscopic Type-I Superconductors: Effect of Sample Geometry
    9 April 2008

  20. Prof. Dr. Irina Schweigert, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia & CMT
    Charging of dust particles in strongly coupled discharge plasmas
    26 March 2008

  21. Roeland Geurts
    Topologically trapped vortex molecules in Bose Einstein condensates
    11 March 2008

  22. Prof. Dr. Andrei Ludu, CMT (on sabbatical leave from Northwestern State University)
    Vortex patterns generated by a magnetic dipole inside a mesoscopic superconducting sphere. Subtitle: What lies behind hypergeometric?
    5 March 2008

  23. Felipe Munarin
    Hysteresis and re-entrant melting of a self-organized system of classical particles confined in a parabolic trap
    25 February 2008

  24. Prof. Dr. Shi-Ping Zhou, Dept. of Physics, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200436, China
    Charged Vortices in Superconductors
    20 February 2008

  25. Dr. Bart Verberck
    Monte Carlo Simulations of Fullerene-Cubane and colloidal clusters
    15 February 2008

  26. Dr. Artak Avetisyan
    Few-electron systems in a quantum dot in a magnetic field: Wigner phase and broken–symmetry spin-singlet state
    11 February 2008

  27. Prof. Dr. Mauro Doria
    The average kinetic energy density of Cooper pairs above Tc in YBa2Cu3O7-x, Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x, and Nb
    30 January 2008

  28. Nga Nguyen
    Quantum dot containing a single magnetic impurity in an external magnetic field
    23 January 2008

  29. Dr. Vyacheslav Misko
    The effect of disorder in mesoscopic Nb disks: Formation of clusters and giant vortices
    16 January 2008

  30. Prof. Dr. Guo-Qiang Hai, Institute of Physics at Sao Carlos, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Exchange effects on electron transport through a few-electron quantum dot
    7 January 2008