The research domain “Cultural Management and Cultural Policy” provides comprehensive specialised research and advice both within and across the areas of management and policy research within the cultural and creative sectors. As a part of the Department of Management, we provide a range of support including education, research and advisory services to the cultural and creative sector across a broad variety of contemporary and historical themes. Recent research topics include: cultural entrepreneurship and sustainable business models, cultural governance, opportunities for public-private partnerships in the heritage sector, public participation research in cultural centres, public libraries and museums, impact of digitisation on museums, international cultural policy, etc… For  research in the areas of fashion and more widely for the creative industries we work closely in collaboration with the Antwerp Management School.

In addition to the research, we have been organizing a Master's program in Cultural Management for more than 20 years and since 2012 a summerschool in Fashion Management. As part of this Masters program, students are required to analyze a relevant management problem in a cultural or creative organisation/company linked to an internship of several months. They have also the opportunity to participate in the current research in the form of a research internship.

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