In the area of entrepreneurship and (digital) innovation, we intend to perform leading edge research about antecedents, processes, and performance of innovation and entrepreneurial actions, projects and strategy. We also enter the changing innovation context in a digital era where data sharing, platform development and ecosystem management become essential to thrive.

Areas of expertise include:


·      International entrepreneurship

·      Ambitious (i.e., beyond self-proficiency, such as sustainable) entrepreneurship

·      Organizational sponsorship, such as business incubators

·      Micro foundations (i.e., individual level variables) impacting entrepreneurial intention and behavior

·      Student-entrepreneurship

Innovation and digital transformation:

·      Basics of innovation management

·      Open innovation including corporate venturing

·      Open innovation for SMEs and start-ups

·      Innovating in a digital era – digital transformation

·      Digital technologies, platform management and ecosystem development

·      Digitalization and monetization strategies

Our research is published in leading academic and practitioner oriented journals. We give keynote speeches at conferences, advise firms and public organizations, develop coaching and training programs, supervise doctoral students, act as editorial board members of leading academic journals, and teach at bachelor, master, executive level at leading universities and business schools in Europe and abroad.