Professional Communication and Digital Writing Processes

  • writing expertise
  • digital communication
  • keystroke logging

The research domain 'Professional Communication and Digital Writing Processes' specializes in different types of writing research. We focus on applied, methodological and fundamental research in the broad field of professional communication and digital writing processes.

There has never been a period where so many texts have been produced by so many people. Therefore, we need to know how professional and expert writers organize their writing processes in such a way that their communication excels in quality. The focus is on the use of digital media in an organizational context. To observe professional writers in an unobtrusive way, the group developed a logging program, called Inputlog.

Becoming a professional or expert writer is a slow and complex process. How can a better insight in the dynamics of writing processes help us in optimizing this developmental process? These insights are used to further optimize the training of young professionals in the domain of professional communication. We are striving to improve (pre-)university students' performance in providing them feedback from different perspectives and coach them in source based writing in L1, L2, and Foreign Languages. Finally, the Calliope writing center supports blended learning in a variety of professional genres.