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Applying through the Registrar's Office

After reaching an agreement with a supervisor, you should send the International PhD Student application form and the required documents (mentioned on the form) to the Registrar's Office. Your file will then be passed on to the relevant faculty, department or institute, which will decide whether to admit you and put together an individual PhD commission (3-6 members).  The faculty strives to process the application within a reasonable time period, preferably 6 weeks, but please note that this time period cannot be guaranteed between 20 July and 31 August.

Once the faculty has accepted your application, you will be invited by the Registrar's Office to take the next step in your enrolment. PhD students can enrol until the end of May each academic year. Please note that re-enrolment is necessary each academic year, including the academic year of the defence.  Any questions can be directed to the Registrar's Office using their helpdesk

Annual re-enrolment 

PhD students at the University of Antwerp should re-enrol every year through SisA. Go to 'Study programme' > 'Applications' and use the application 'Re-enrolment academic year X-Y'. More information about how to re-enrol can be found on the helpdesk of the Registrar's Office:

You only have to pay a tuition fee for the first enrolment and for the PhD defence. When you send the correct form to announce your defence, you will be invited by the Registrar's Office to pay the outstanding tuition fee. 


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