The University of Antwerp undertakes scientific research which is creative and innovative, and strives for international excellence. The University stimulates both basic research (research that starts on initiative of researchers and aims for scientific knowledge) and applied research (research that is based on contracts with third parties, with a specific purpose) and their valorisation.

Research can be financed through either research fellowships or research projects. In many cases, fellowships take the form of research grants, i.e., partially or fully tax-free appointments.


In general, a distinction is made between doctoral grants/fellowships (leading to a doctoral degree) and postdoctoral fellowships (following a doctoral degree; aimed at developing a research career). The present text aims to give a concise overview of the different types of research funding. Funding usually originates from external funding bodies or sponsors and can only be obtained by submitting proposals in response to public calls followed by a highly demanding, competitive allocation process.