The Valorisation Office aims to strengthen UAntwerp as a research intensive and entrepreneurial university by supporting the increase in the socio economic impact of research results.


  • Development & training
    We encourage, guide and train our academics to allow their scientific expertise and projects to flow optimally to society. We do this by offering Dive-into-Business and Deep Dive- into-Business sessions and through external partners.
  • Reporting & analysis
    We report efficiently to the government so that the contribution of our researchers can support the increase of the IOF parameters as much as possible. Based on the figures and the experience gained, we try to adjust the valorisation strategy.
  • Information, advice and solutions
    We provide advice on the various aspects related to research projects (financing, intellectual property, etc.) and help find the best solution for the specific research that needs to be conducted. Connecting researchers and companies with each other provides new team members and partners. We always start from a solutionoriented approach.
  • Visibility & impact
    From our strong regional base, we increase visibility to the international level. We make maximum use of social media and the press. We organize targeted events to involve our stakeholders in our activities as much as possible.
  • Expand opportunities 
    We push inventions further towards useful products, processes and services for which there is a clear demand within our society. We clearly map these questions and needs of society through a flipped TTO approach. We make maximum use of the IOF, Vlaio and EU funding.
  • Reach out
    We stand for a multidisciplinary and sustainable quadruple helix collaboration model that contributes to innovative solutions for economic and social challenges. We want to bridge the gap between the needs of companies and governments and the range of expertise within our university.
  • Safeguarding compliance
    We efficiently negotiate contracts in which we maximize the yield of the intellectual property of the UAntwerp. Our intellectual property is efficiently managed to obtain rapid socioeconomic valorisation.

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