Lezingenprogramma academiejaar 2013-2014

Lezingenprogramma 1ste semester 2013-2014 (PDF)

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"Jewish Democratic State": Israel between Nationalism, Religion and Liberalism
Inaugural Lecture 2013-2014

Prof. dr. Moshe Halbertal - Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Click here to listen to the inaugural lecture 2013-2014.

The lecture will attempt to analyze the different trends and pressures that pull Israel’s basic political and constitutional structure in different complex directions. It will as well attempt to outline a vision for Israel to define in what way it ought to preserve its Jewish character while maintaining its commitment to democratic and liberal values.

Moshe Halbertal is the Gruss Professor at NYU Law School and a Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy at the Hebrew University, and he is a member of Israel’s National Academy for Sciences and the Humanities. He is the author of the books Idolatry (co-authored with Avishai Margalit) and People of the Book: Canon, Meaning and Authority, both published by Harvard University Press, and Concealment and Revelation: Esotericism in Jewish Thought and Its Philosophical Implications, published by Princeton University Press in 2007. His latest book On Sacrifice was published by Princeton University Press in 2012.