Hieronder kan je alle leden van de onderzoeksgroep terugvinden en hun onderzoeksinteresses. Op de persoonlijke pagina van elk lid kan je meer informatie vinden omtrent hun onderzoeksprojecten, academische bibliografie, etc.


Prof. dr. Tom Sauer
Hoogleraar (woordvoerder van de onderzoeksgroep)
Onderzoeksinteresse: International Security, esp. Nuclear Arms Control, Nuclear Proliferation, Nuclear Disarmament; Iran; North Korea; Missile Defense; Coercive Diplomacy; US foreign and defense policy

Prof. dr. Jorg Kustermans
Onderzoeksinteresse: International Relations Theory, (International) Authority, Radicalization and Political Violence

Prof. dr. Dirk De Bièvre
Onderzoeksinteresse: International Relations and International Political Economy, European trade policy, trade politics in the World Trade Organization (WTO), interest groups, institutional design of the European Banking Union, the politics of global value chains, fragmentation and forum shopping in international regimes

Prof. dr. Jan Melissen 
Hoogleraar (deeltijds) (editor 'The Hague Journal of Diplomacy')
Onderzoeksinteresse: Public diplomacy and Soft Power;  Theory of diplomacy;  Diplomacy in Europe;  Consular affairs;  Economic diplomacy

Prof. dr. David Criekemans 
Hoofddocent (deeltijds)
Onderzoeksinteresse: Foreign policy (Flanders, Belgium, European Union), Energy and International Politics, Geopolitics and Geopolitical Analysis, Multilateral Policy-Making and Diplomacy, Theory and History of International Relations

Prof. dr. Elena Atanassova-Cornelis 
Hoofddocent (deeltijds) 
Onderzoeksinteresse: Japanese and Chinese Foreign Policy and Regional Strategy in East Asia; Institution Building, Cooperation and Regional Order in East Asia; US Strategy in East Asia, especially towards Japan, China and Taiwan; EU-Asia relations, including EU-China, EU-Japan, EU-ASEAN relations; International relations, traditional and non-traditional security challenges – missile and nuclear proliferation; energy, maritime and human security

Prof. Kenneth Lasoen 
Docent (deeltijds) 
Onderzoeksinteresse: National security, Belgian intelligence and security services (VSSE, ADIV/SGRS, CUTA), NATO/EU intelligence, intelligence analysis and collection, counterterrorism, counterintelligence and counterespionage (focus China and Russia), covert action, international cybersecurity, offensive cyber operations, insider threat, information warfare, defence policy, strategic culture.

Prof. dr. Stefanie Weil
Docent (deeltijds)
Onderzoeksinteresse: China and Global Governance, Comparative politics across China, European Union and the United States


Philipp Lausberg  
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor prof. Dirk De Bièvre
Onderzoeksinteresse: Banking Union; European Integration and delegations of power; Financial regulation

Zeger Verleye 
Mandaatassistent/Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor prof. Jorg Kustermans
Onderzoeksinteresse: history and theory of international relations; politics of emotions; politics of shame; Belgian (post)colonialism

Emile van Ommeren 
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor prof. Dirk De Bièvre
Onderzoeksinteresse: International Political Economy; Trade Policy; Dispute Settlement; Protectionism; Political Institutions; WTO

Rikkert Horemans 
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor prof. Jorg Kustermans 
Onderzoeksinteresse: International Relations theory; international authority; international relations of the Middle East, Iranian regional relations; Iranian-Arab relations

Mathias Reveraert 
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor Prof. Tom Sauer
Onderzoeksinteresse: insider threat; counterterrorism; nuclear disarmament

Robin Vanderborght 
Mandaatassistent/Doctoraatsstudent onder promotorProf. Tom Sauer
Onderzoeksinteresse: International Relations Theory; International security; peace and war; emerging technologies; power politics; military and defense policies.

Scott Hamilton 
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor prof. Dirk De Bièvre

Floor Doppen 
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor prof. Dirk De Bièvre
Onderzoeksinteresse: International Political Economy, State ownership, Trade policy

Frederik Stevens 
Mandaatassistent/Doctoraatsstudent onder promotoren prof. Dirk De Bièvre en prof. Peter Bursens
Onderzoeksinteresse: Interest Groups, Lobbying, European Public Policy, Representation, Agenda-Setting

Hans Diels 
Vrijwillig medewerker/Doctoraatsstudent onder promotorprof. Dirk De Bièvre

Hassan Süzen 
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor prof. Tom Sauer

Jane Knight
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor prof. Jan Melissen
Onderzoeksinteresse: knowledge diplomacy

Jonathan Millins
Doctoraatsstudent onder promotor Prof. David Criekemans
Onderzoeksinteresse: Geopolitics, Foreign Policy (Belarus, Russia, EU), International Relations Theory, Diplomacy

Elena Escalante-Block
Postdoctoraal onderzoeker
Onderzoeksinteresse: EU Competition and State Aid Policy, European trade policy, Politicisation, Depoliticisation, Political Communication and Legitimacy.

Dr. Antonio Calcara
Postdoctoraal onderzoeker
Onderzoeksinteresse: International Relations, Security Studies, International Political Economy, European Security and Defense, Defense Industries, Cybersecurity, Emerging Security Technologies.

Dr. Manuel Duran 
Vrijwillig medewerker
Onderzoeksinteresse: diplomatic studies, paradiplomacy, diplomatic theory, diplomatic history en geopolitics

Studenten die de afgelopen jaren hun doctoraat behaalden 

Kim B. Olsen (November 2020), Networked Practices of European Geoeconomic Diplomacy: How Diplomatic Relations Shape the Implementation of Economic Sanctions (supervisor: Prof. Jan Melissen)

Antonios Nestoras (February 2020), Belonging to the West? Geopolitical Mythmaking in Modern Greece (supervisor: Prof. David Criekemans)

Sylvain Fanielle (November 2019), Preventing Radiological Terrorism: Securing Radioactive Sources in Hospitals (supervisor: Prof.Tom Sauer)

Brecht Volders (October 2019), Building the Bomb: An organisational approach to the nuclear terrorism threat (supervisor: Prof. Tom Sauer)

Steven Spittaels (March 2019), Conflict Motivation Mapping: A tool to analyse the relative importance of armed groups' motivations (supervisor: Prof. Tom Sauer)

Navid Hassibi (January 2019), Change and inertia in U.S. nuclear weapons policy after the Cold War : the case of the Obama administration (supervisor: Prof. Tom Sauer)

Arjan Uilenreef (April 2017), Intra-EU Diplomacy. Dutch Bilateral Embassies in the European Union (supervisor: Prof. Jan Melissen)

Ingrid d’Hooge (October 2014), China's Public Diplomacy: Evolution and challenges (supervisor: Prof. Jan Melissen)

Manuel Duran (April 2014), Sub-state diplomacy as a motor of reterritorialization? The case of the Mediterranean region (supervisor: Prof. Jan Melissen and Prof. David Criekemans)

Jorg Kustermans (January 2013), Democratic Peace as Practice (supervisor: Prof. Tom Sauer)

Maaike Okano-Heijmans (2012), Economic Diplomacy and the National Interest: The Case of Japan (supervisor: Prof. Jan Melissen)