Here is a list of all funded "official research projects" I am/was involved in as principal investigator (PI):

  1. FWO/F.R.S-FRNS EoS project "Beyond symplectic geometry" (2022-2025).
  2. UA BOF DocPro4 project "Symmetry reduction and unreduction in mechanics and geometry" (2022-2026, together with Tom Mestdag).
  3. FWO project "Euler Disk versus Spinning Top" (2021-2024).
  4. FWO/F.R.S-FRNS EoS project "Symplectic techniques in symplectic geometry" (2018-2021).
  5. UA BOF DocPro4 project "Rigidity and conservation laws of Hamiltonian partial differential equations in hyperkähler Floer theory" (2017-2021).
  6. UA BOF DocPro4 project "Modern symplectic geometry in integrable Hamiltonian dynamical systems" (2015-2019).

Here is a list of all funded PhD and postdoc fellowships where I am/was involved as am (co)supervisor:

  1. Aldo Witte's UA BOF junior postdoc fellowship "Singularities in semitoric and Poisson geometry" (2023-2024).
  2. Edward Bryden's FWO senior postdoc fellowship "Optimal transport and the almost rigidity of the positive mass theorem" (2022-2025).
  3. Senne Ignoul's FWO PhD fellowship "Contact semitoric integrability" (2021-2025).
  4. Marcelo R.R. Alves' FWO senior postdoc fellowship "The topological entropy of Reeb flows and its relations to symplectic topology" (2020-2024).
  5. Marta Farre Puigali's FWO senior postdoc fellowship "Geometric structures and applications to control theory and numerical integration" (2020-2023, supervisor Tom Mestdag, co-supervisor Sonja Hohloch).
  6. Joseph Palmer's FWO senior postdoc fellowship "From semitoric systems to Floer theory and integrable dynamics" (2019-2024).
  7. Joseph Palmer's UA BOF senior postdoc fellowship "From semitoric systems to integrable dynamics and Floer theory (Int Sys Floer)" (2019-2020).